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Astro Boy [GBA/JPN]

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Price: $53.00
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Item Number: AGB-P-BTAJ
Publisher: Sega
Jan/UPC Code: 4974365860141
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 18, 2003

«©NCSX» Tezuka Osamu's beloved and androgynous superhero known as Tetsuwan Atom in Japan, flies to the GBA with a side scrolling platformer where the mighty mite faces off against pastel flavored foes. According to manga mythos, Astro Boy is powered by a 100,000 horse-power atomic fusion reactor and thrusts into the air with the help of a jet rocket. Astro battles in futuristic cities and across skies by punching, kicking and blasting out lasers and cannon fire.

   Tapping the "A" button makes Astro Boy jump - tap it again in quick succession to fire those jets on his back so Astro can zoom across the screen like a rocket. The "B" button activates a punch attack while the "Right Trigger" blows out a machine gun attack and the "Left Trigger" throws out a laser-shot attack. Upon starting the game, Dr. Ochanimizu greets Astro and guides players through a practice run using Astro's powers. Run rampant on a little miniature course which tests jumping and flying skills. A special attack is also taught where pressing "UP + B" will unleash Astro's finger laser attack which cuts through robots with ease. Hitting both "A + B" buttons sends Astro barrelling like a cannonball into lines of foes. The amount of attacks and moves in the game is impressive and our little hero is rather formidable against the forces of evil.
   Sega's Hitmaker and legendary development house Treasure collaborated on the GBA version of Astro Boy which makes it another nice collectible for fans of all things Treasure. In the first level of the game, there are little signs plastered on the backdrop of the city. One of the signs reads "Gunstars" in a tribute to Treasure's first game, Gunstar Heroes, on the Mega-Drive way back in the day.

Jan Code: 4974365860141
Japanese Title: ASTRO BOY 鉄腕アトム アトムハートの秘密

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