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Atelier Iris Eternal Mana - US

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Price: $58.90
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Item Number: SLUS-21113
Publisher: Atlus
Jan/UPC Code: 730865530137
From the Publisher
A world sustained by the Great Spirit Mana and its elemental powers. Every substance and object in this world is formed by the elements. People lived under the protection and guidance of the Mana.

To the people of Regallzine Mana is exist as part of nature like the wind and trees. However, there are a few select people capable of creating something out of nothing using the powers of Mana called alchemist.

Klein Kiesling age 17, grandson of Dafune a famous alchemist, embarks on a journey with Popo the Mana of wood, after his grandmother´s death, to surpass her as an alchemist. Walking through the dark forest of South Esvior, Klein encounters a vicious monster. Klein bravely battles the monster, but his Mana strength slowly diminishes. When everything seemed lost, a beautiful young girl named Lita came to Klein ´ s rescue. Lita is a monster hunter at the neighboring town of Kavok. She advises Klein that the path to Kavok is dangerous and he will need her help. Klein rejects her advice from his selfish pride, insisting that he will make it through the forest alone. After the two depart, Klein felt ashamed for not thanking Lita for her life saving help.

Exiting out from the forest, Klein stood on a cliff overlooking the great plains of Esvior. What he saw from the cliff was a city built upon a steep mountain. The city Klein saw is the infamous city to the Esviore region, known as the city in the sky, Avenberry.

Klein and Lita do not know yet, that the two will knock on the gates of heaven, opening the ancient path to the legendary "city in the sky ".

UPC: 730865530137

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