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Baldr Bullet Equilibrium

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Price: $65.00
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: SLPM-66815
Publisher: Alchemist
Jan/UPC Code: 4935066600122
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: October 25, 2007
«©NCSX» Sometime in the near future, the South American rain forest serves as the backdrop of a war between two factions - those who support the Baldr governing technology and those who don't. To ensure that the skirmishes and conflicts don't expand, the BS-OSA or Baldr System - Observation Structure Army is set up to police the region. Inside the Army is a special unit known as SERR14 (Observation Structure Army South American Experimental Riot Regiment the 14th) which is comprised of elite soldiers and operatives such as Sergey Kirkland and Dullahan Cuningham.
Originally released on the PC, Baldr Bullet Equilibrium is an action-adventure which features interaction snippets that are mixed with fast-paced 2D battlefield action where mechs rumble on single-screen encounters. The game features full voice acting, updated BGM, three new introductory cinemas, and cut scenes to spice up the visual presentation. The mech that you control doesn't trudge around like a normal motorized biped but rather skates around in fluid motion whilst attacking enemy mechs that conglomerate around him like fruitflies to a slice of moldy peach. At the outset of the game, the player's mech is fitted with a gun, bombs, and missiles but a vast arsenal awaits.
Jan Code: 4935066600122
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

NCS Game Notes
» TGL developed the game along with Alchemist

» Intro: A sonar wave sweeps across a circular field before the camera switches to CG renders of mechs in flowing motion as they lock on and attack each other. The characters are shown in fast cut sequences as follows: Sergey Kirkland, Rebecca Plushenko, Fay Malinina, Stephane Bernardez, Dullahan Cuningham, Yoo YongHa, Natsumi, Carna Abitobol, and Telesia Anissina. If you allow the game to go into demo mode some more, another game introductory cinema plays which is better than the first one where the theme song is "Emphatic" by ave;new feat. C;LINE. If you let the game go on for another demo stint, a third introductory cinema will play that shows off the game play along with dramatic slow-motion attack sequences. After the third cinema plays, they'll loop and start from the first one again.

» The options on the title screen are

START / Begin a new action-packed adventure in Easy, Normal, or Hard modes.
LOAD / Resume a game from memory card save-data.
TUTORIAL / Learn the ways of proper mech handling through six lessons of non-interactive narrated action.
EXTRA / CG Gallery Mode, Sound Mode, Replay Mode, Survival Mode, Hell Mode, and Serr14 Trial (only CG MODE is available at the outset and the others must be unlocked)
CONFIG / Toggle the options and modifiers that adjust the game including difficulty level, sound volumes, message speed, and controller button configuration
SYSTEM LOAD / Restore your settings from the configuration menu.

» Mechs may punch an enemy and then immediately follow up with a burst of gunfire to juggle the hapless foe for a millisecond or three. It's a dynamic visual effect. Similarly, enemy mechs may be juggled by sequential punch attacks that keep the mech in the air for about a full second or two.

» Start a new game and the second cinematic demo intro begins and plays through entirely. If you've watched it before, press the START button to skip it. A male narrator parrots the text on screen which sets up the background story of Baldr Bullet Equilibrium. There's disjointed dialogue spoken by different voice actors against a black background which further sets up the story before an image of a mech appears in repose. It's a HAWS-MG model. Next, chatter between operators occurs followed by the mech being put into service. Afterwards, the third cinema introduction from earlier plays. If you've watched it already, press the START button to skip it. The Dual Shock rumbles when this version of the cinema plays in time to the gunfire and explosions.

» When the game opens up, your mech is standing to the left of the screen facing an enemy mech to the right. Throttle the mech around by pushing the L-Analog stick in any direction and watch in amazement as it zooms with fluid ease to and fro. To open gunfire on the target, press the SQUARE button and throw bombs by hitting the "O" button. Missiles with vapor trails may be launched by pressing the "X" button. After defeating the first two mechs, three more mechs thrust onto the battlefield but the white-armored leader departs, leaving two heavily armored henchmen to battle. Upon defeating the two mechs, the white-armored leader returns with a barrage of missiles, gunfire, and bombs. It's aggressive and fast so you'll have to thrust around and launch an entire arsenal at it to knock it out. After defeating the white-armored mech, it'll thrust away, leaving you alone with the wind whistling in the background. Friendlies arrive soon afterwards and the team heads back to the hangar.

» To view the complete text of the dialogue at any point in the game, press the TRIANGLE button during the interactive sequences and scroll upwards to check out the script.

» Baldr Bullet is a mix of interactive sequences, storytelling, and action-packed mech fight sequences that are enjoyable.

» The visuals of the mechs while fighting on the battlefield aren't much to look at but the draw of the Baldr Bullet games have always been the fluid controls and fast-paced action.

» To bring up the menu during interaction sequences, press the SQUARE button and an English language menu slides into view from the right side of the screen. The options are:


There's also a button to set the interactive sequences to AUTO play if so desired so that button pressing after each dialogue box is no longer required.

» Mechs featured in the game are known as HAWS which refers to Heavy Architect and Weapon System Military Giant. Three principle HAWS are introduced in the introductory cinema as follows:

HAWS-MG Cuningham Custom
HAWS-LC Fay Custom = Heavy Architect and Weapon System Lavish Coffin
HAWS-BT Rebecca Custom = Heavy Architect and Weapon System Beggarly Trooper

» The characters were designed by Seiji Kikuchi.

» The theme song is Emphatic by ave;new feat. C;LINE.

» Yashiro Kanzuki of the imaging studio designed the opening cinemas.

» The characters and their voice actors are:

Sergey Kirkland / Hidemitsu Shimizu
Rebecca Plushenko / Kanako Sakai
Fay Malinina / Yuko Miyamura
Stephane Bernardez /
Dullahan Cuningham / George Nakata
Yoo YongHa / Naomi Shindo
Natsume Asou / Haruko Momoi
Carna Abitobol / Houko Kuwashima
Telesia Anissina / Kaori Nazuka

» An Overdrive Mode may be activated by pushing the R-Analog (R3) thumbstick. The screen will change to indicate that you're in the zone.

» The game is equal parts interactive scenarios and mech fighting action. The interactive sequences can be lengthy which makes the AUTO feature a gift for the weary. When the action starts, your mech basically moves around the forest and battles enemy mechs. After a stint, the HAWS handler returns to the hangar for more interaction.

This document is ©NCSX 2007. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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