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Black Remote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller Pros

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Price: From $39.98 to $59.90
Publisher: Nintendo

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Update: July 30, 2009 Product Synopses
Wii Remote Controller [Black]
«©NCSX» Nintendo colors the Wii juggernaut black this week with the Japanese launch of the Wii console and three accessories which are all painted with a glossy black patina. The Remote Controller [Black] offers the same functions as the standard Remote Controller [White] and it's regulation hardware. There's nothing different inside but the shell that encases the circuitry is black. Mysterious. Alluring. Sort of.
We synced the remotes to one of our Wii consoles this morning and noticed the blue LEDs have a nice contrast against the black shell. Dirt is also less noticeable on the black Remote but one drawback is that fingerprints and finger grease are more noticeable on the black controller than on a white controller. Nintendo includes a silicon holder with every controller to improve the grip.

Wii Nunchuk Controller [Black]
«©NCSX» Back in high school, there was a girl in Spanish class named Cassandra who the other kids looked upon as a little strange. She wore black clothes, black leggings, and black lipstick. As if to accentuate her favorite color, she also applied generous portions of eye shadow which made her appear as if possessed by the spirit of the Great Raccoon. Contact with Cass was lost after high school but we'd like to think she's visiting these pages and eyeing the new black Wii console and black accessories with desire in her heart. Repeat: Desire in her heart.
Nintendo's new Nunchuk in black is the same internally as the original Nunchuk but it's blessed with a shiny black shell. NCS recommends pairing a black Nunchuk with a black Remote for sweet color matching but if you want to be wild, connect the black 'chuk to a white Remote to bewilder your little sister and confuse the local yokels.
Wii Classic Controller Pro
«©NCSX» The original Classic Controller from Nintendo was missing something. We didn't know what it was missing until we saw the Classic Controller Pro which bolts stubby legs and another pair of shoulder buttons on the original Classic Controller. From a design standpoint, Nintendo basically gave their original pad a Dual Shock 2 makeover and the form factor is similar to Sony's controller.

NCS tested the CCP with a few games today and found it to be comfortable to grip. Those stubby legs do wonders for holding the controller steady when playing exciting games such as Phelios, Axelay, Gradius II, Block Breaker Deluxe, Okiraku Ping Pong (Japanese Virtual Console), and many more. The games aren't really exciting but that's a key word used in sales to goad buyers into action.

NCS Preorder Synopsis
Reservations are welcome for glossy black Wii controllers which are shipping on August 1, 2009 in Japan. They'll probably also be released for the USA market sometime later this year but why wait when the Japanese versions are shipping in a scant 2 months? The Classic Controller Pro will also be sold by its lonesome and not part of the M.Hunter 3-tri bundle.

» Black Wii Remote (US$43.90 / JPY3,619 / Jan Code: 4902370517842)
» Black Nunchuk (US$25.90 / JPY1,715 / Jan Code: 4902370517859)
» Black Classic Pro (US$28.90 / JPY1,905 / Jan Code: 4902370517835)
» White Classic Pro (US$28.90 / JPY1,905 / Jan Code: 4902370517828)

   This document is ©NCSX 2009. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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