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Bleach: Heat the Soul 5

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Price: $53.90
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Item Number: UCJS-10082
Publisher: Sony
Jan/UPC Code: 4948872680271

Update: May 15, 2008
«©NCSX» In Bleach Heat The Soul 4, the primary game mode was "Character Master" where players selected a champion and 2 supporting partners. In Bleach Heat The Soul 5, it's all about the "Tag Master" mode where Shinigami, Humans, Arrancar, and others engage in tag team fighting action that runs fast and fluid.

Players select two characters from a roster of 31 combatants and then go to war against another duo. Similar to previous Bleach HTS games, the action takes place on a 3D battlefield where a versatile camera zooms in and out as the fighters draw close to each other and range far away. When special attacks are triggered, a short cinema takes over which shows the blazing theatrics to bombastic effect. Intuitive controls and a simple evasion system make Bleach HTS5 an easy game to get into without much time investment required.

The other game modes include Time Attack, Free Battle, Soul VS, Survival, and Training for rusty captains who need a little practice. In addition to the aforementioned 31 character roster, two new fighters join the tried and true cast - the fearsome Cirucci Thunderwitch in all of her garter-wearing glory and a pink-haired lad named Zaeruaporo Granz.

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NCS Game Notes
» Eighting developed the game for Sony

» The Game Modes are:
Story - Play as Ichigo and fight various opponents which is accompanies by a storyline.
Tag Battle - Tag Master, Time Attack, Survival, Free Battle, Soul VS, Training
Single Battle - 100 Survival, Survival, Free Battle, Soul VS, Training
Tutorial 1st - Take control of Ichigo and learn the basic commands such as jumping, double jumping, slashing. The third tutorial requires that you withstand an assault for 20 seconds by guarding against attacks.
Tutorial 2nd - Take control of Ichigo and Rukia and learn tag-team fighting moves against an assortment of challengers
Appendix - Sound Mode, Gallery Mode, Movie Mode, Convert (Bleach HTS4 data)
Option - Game Setting, Sound Setting, Key Config, Save/Load

» Basic Commands
Triangle - Jump. Press again in sequence for a forward dash move.
Circle - Strong attack. May be tapped in sequence for chains.
Cross - Normal attack. May be tapped in sequence for chains.
Square - Charge. Press again in sequence to rush forward
L-Trigger - Call on tag-team partner to enter the battle
R-Trigger - Call on partner for temporary attack support

» Either the d-pad or the analog nub may be used for control. We found the d-pad more precise. Pushing up or down makes the fighter run in that direction for evasive maneuvers or tactical positioning. Pushing forward and back on the d-pad moves the fighter likewise.

»You may view the Combo List and adjust the Key Config at anytime during a battle by pressing the START button and then selecting the application option. You may also QUIT the game at any time by pressing START and selecting the last option.

» In the STORY MODE, the first battle pits Ichigo against a blonde moppet named Sarugaki Hiyori and her partner Shinji Hirako followed by an encounter against the blue-haired Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. After each battle, a bit more story and dialogue is unveiled which ties the fights together. In the third mission, players take control of the orange-haired Orihime Inoue and fight Ulquiorra Schiffer. The fourth battle gives the player control of Yasutora Sado against Ichigo. Players take control of Ichigo once again in the fifth mission where he fights against

» At the outset of the game, only 19 of the 31 fighters are playable. The characters that are selectable:

First Row: Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Uryuu Ishida, Yasutora Sado, Shihouin Yoruichi, Soi Fong
Second Row: Kuchiki Byakuya, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Zaraki Kenpachi, Renji Abarai, Rangiku Matsumoto, Madarame Ikkaku, Ichimaru Gin, Tosen Kaname
Third Row: Ulquiorra Schiffer, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Yami
Fourth Row: Shinji Hirako, Hiyori Sarugaki

» Similarly, only nine stages are selectable at the outset but an additional seven stages may be unlocked.

» At the beginning of every stage, a woman mutters, "No Escape."

» Check out the height difference when Yami fights against Toshiro. It's like a giant standing next to a toddler. When fighting, Toshiro has to tilt his head upwards to look at Yami right in his eyes. Based on what we saw this morning, Yami's attacks are powerful smackdowns that knock Toshiro down like a rag doll.

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.




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