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Culdcept II

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Price: $50.98
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: T-43903M
Publisher: Omiya
Jan/UPC Code: 4935228995561
NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update: July 12, 2001
NCS stocked Monopoly for the GBA a couple of days ago and today, we stock a game clearly inspired by the basic principles of Monopoly. A board game at heart, Culdcept II utilizes action and event cards to add a random wrinkle to the fun.

   Gist: As an adventurer on a board, the player throws the dice and moves the allotted spaces on a preset route. Along the way, instead of buying properties with cash as we saw in Monopoly, the player takes over land (squares) by using monster cards to lay claim. Keeping territory comprises an important facet of the game as it's your key to wealth and thus the required amount of assets and magic points necessary to win the game. Hapless players who land on your property will have to pay a passage fee if they cannot defeat your monster guardian.

   At every turn, a card is drawn which is added to the player's arsenal (deck). While all this is going on, up to three other players are doing the same and building up their own mini fiefdoms. Shops dot the land where you may purchase cards to enhance your deck. A salary is also earned whenever you reach all the checkpoints on a board and visit the castle for your payment. Given the online capability of the game, there exists potential for big drama and hours of fun for like-minded players enamored with the concept.

   Culdcept II boasts 450 cards available for use in the game. The original featured 360 cards but many were of little significance or import. Developer Omiya balances the new game with attack, spell, and monster cards which are on a more even keel. Omiya also reduces the impact of some of the immensely powerful attack cards such as the "Lightning", "Tempest" or "Judgement" cards found in the original and sequel.

Thoroughly enjoyable, gaijin fans of Magic the Gathering will find solace in Culdcept, once they get beyond the Japanese language. Menu options are fairly simple to figure out and the quality of the game justifies a purchase by fans of the genre.

Sale Offering: NCS' remaining inventory of Culdcept for the Japanese Dreamcast is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$35.90 each.

Original Date of Release in Japan: July 12, 2001
SKU: T-43903M / Jan Code: 4935228995561 / NCS Sale of the Day Archive
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