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Dark Knight Movie Masterpiece DX

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Price: $258.90
Preorders Closed
Item Number: HTT-DKMM
Publisher: Hot Toys
Jan/UPC Code: 4897011172750

NCS Preorder Synopsis
July 22, 2009
«©NCSX» We've watched The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray at least 20 times. At least. Some of our neighbors on the same floor have watched it 21 times. They're weird like that. Hot Toys has probably watched the movie 22 times to get the detailing of their Dark Knight Movie Masterpiece DX figure down pat. Old "Bats" looks a little scrawny based on the product photo but we think the camera takes off at least 15 pounds. The Movie Masterpiece DX rendition of Batman measures 31cm or 11.81" tall.   

This document is ©NCSX 2009. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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Such an awesome doll, Great detailing and realistic likeness,
John (Oregon Portland) 3/10/2012 1:22 PM
If you are a big fan of The Dark Knight then you will not want to pass out on this doll. I brought this for my friend and he was really happy to have this in his collection, The doll's lifelike features and attention to detailing on the suit is awesome. Also he is articulated and he does come with many accessories that include a grapple gun, A sonar vision head, A stick bomb gun, And 2 batarangs, But also this has the new P.E.R.S. system which means that you can move the eyes in any way you want, I am glad i purchased this doll for him because he wanted to have it for a very long time. I'm also happy with the purchase as well and great customer service. I will be ordering more pretty soon for him as well if he wants to have anymore of it.
Did Have A Leak In The Utility Belt, So Dissapointed,
John Jack (Oregon Portland) 12/21/2011 11:02 PM
I ordered this for a friend who is into The Dark Knight so much and expected more when i had to pay with my credit card, Plus $239.99 dollars for shipping and handling just for the doll. So i ordered it and had to wait several days for it to come. Finally - it came and i was very glad because my friend wanted this so much for his Hot Toys collection. So i opened the figure up and guess what. It leaked, I tried several times to stop it from leaking by putting a damp cloth over it and it never stopped. Been having this problem for a little while and it finally continued to leak oil out of his body. I don't know why i purchased this in the first place but the sad part is that i had to call Hot Toys on the phone and speak to them in person about returning this doll for a full refund and my money back. Then they accepted the call and i took the body along with storing it in the box back. Then i got my money and refund back because i sold it. Now i know what this means because I've heard that other people have been having problems with this. But i have never saw this problem before. But i think that i am going to take it back even though it had some problems. So buyer beware!!! If you are getting this toy then don't play too much around with posing it because it will leak oil from the chest or abs and this is pretty bad news considering it's a great toy. But still i would recommend you get this if you are a Hot Toys The Dark Knight fan.
Great Figure, P.E.R.S System Is Nice, Came On Time Of Delivery.
Josh Perkins (Oregon Portland) 12/21/2011 10:54 PM
I was a paitent customer waiting for a great figure, And this came in just in time for my birthday. So i opened it up curious to see what it was like and it was amazing. This new Hot Toys figure also sports the new P.E.R.S system to where you can rotate the eyes. I was glad that i purchased this just for displaying in my collection. If you are a fan of The Dark Knight then you will not want to miss on passing this doll. Looks like the real thing and comes with tons of accessories including, Batarangs, Grapple Gun, Hong Kong Backpack, And Sticky Bomb Gun, This was the best purchase i ever made and will continue to purchase more in the future. I just waited like a few hours for this doll and it came in quickly and i am now displaying it with my Dx-01 The Joker doll that i got also as the first Christmas gift. But paying $300.99 or $235.99 for a Hot Toys doll is really expensive. But if you are a fan then i would go on and recommend it. This will not dissapoint you at all even if you are a Batman fan. This is way better then The Joker doll i have and is more articulated then ever. I had no leaks with the belt and had no problems with it as well.
Nice Detaling And Mouth Sculpt It's Amazing!!!
Andrew Haxley (Milwakie ) 1/30/2011 12:18 PM
I Watched The Dark Knight Movie At Least 2 Times And Boy. I Was Never Happy About The Details But It's Okay For Me At Least! Another Thing This Figure Sports Is The Sonar VISON System When You Put Batteries In The Back Of The Neck It Light's Up. Pretty Cool! Another Thing you Should Know Is That The Figure Sports A New And Improved System Called Parrel Eyeball Rolling System And If You Never Heard Of It You Just Put The JoyStick Into Batman's Head And Rotate The Eyes Side To Side And It Is Amazing! Also He Comes With 2 Utility Belts And They Are Cool And They Attach To Batman's Body By Magnets And It Is Nice! And Then He Comes With A Cape It's Soft Cloth Fabric And It Of Course Is Nice If You Put It On The Body And Like In The Movie Batman Wears The Cape On His Back And It Is Fantastic! Also He Comes With A Hong Kong Backpack That He Wears In The Scene Where He Has To Take Down Lau It Is Amazing And Snaps And Fits On His Back Nice! And Then He Comes With Two Batarangs And They Are Gold Nice Detail! And He Comes With A Sticky Bomb Gun You Just Transform It And It Fits In His Belt Nicely Also Like The Joker Figure He Does Turn The Dial And Then He Shoots The Mines Nice! And He Comes With A Grapple Gun That He Uses If Someone Is In Danger I Bet He Grapples To Things And Helps People In Need Of Help! And It Is Nicely Detailed And Fits In His Belt! And He Comes With A Grapple Gun Holder And When You Put It In It Fits Nicely! And Also The Last Thing A Mine That He Uses To Blow Buldings Up And It Is Nicely Detailed And Amazing Sculpt And Some Mouths And Interchagable Hands Are Nice! So If You Want A Hot Toys Figure You Came To The Right Place It's Nice And Better Then The First One! Hope You Guys Have A Good Day! Bye!
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