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Dragon Ball Z Sparking!

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Price: $65.00
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: SLPS-25560
Publisher: Bandai
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: October 6, 2005
«©NCSX» After three successful DBZ games from Dimps, Bandai decided to try another tack and handed over the development of the latest Dragonball Z game to Spike of Fire Pro Wrestling fame. From our quick play though this morning, the decision was a astute one.
Spike built a beauty of a 3D engine for DBZ Sparking and not only do the fighters battle on the ground, they also take to the skies for thrilling aerial encounters that mimic the escapades of the animation. Saiyan fly around in 3D environments to dash away from an aggressor or close the distance to pursue a whipped opponent. The trigger buttons are used to control altitude and flight is pretty much mandatory in Sparking! When toe-to-toe, the fighters appear massive on screen and move with fluid animation. As the battle rages and distance grows, the camera will quickly adjust for the perspective change as fighters throw projectile attacks or fly closer to attack with fists and feet. Howls of pain, grunts of disapproval, and other vocal effects sound out during the course of battle to add aural accompaniment to the fisticuffs and fireworks.
Most impressive are the free flight sequences where players may knock an opponent for a loop and fling him a hundred yards away through the air. Once smacked, follow up with a projectile blast or fly quickly towards the foe to resume the attack. To keep track of an opponent, a radar on the lower-right portion of the screen marks the whereabouts of an enemy. When battling in mid-air, a defeated opponent will fall the entire distance like a sack and land with a thud. In 2-Player bouts, the screen is split in two so each fighter may view the action from their combatant's camera perspective. Power-ups may be picked up in areas for a temporary advantage. Bandai touts over 50 fighters in the game with 90 forms from saiyan to super-saiyan.
Early preorders included a bonus Capsule Corp 1005 ballpoint pen that is shaped like a bomb. Depress the plunger on top to click the pen out and press the trigger on the side to recede.
JAN Code: 4543112378835

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