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DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes Limited Edition

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Price: $139.90
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Item Number: ULKS-46240LE
Publisher: Pentavision
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 16, 2010
«©NCSX» The limited edition of DJMAX Portable Hot Tunes is packaged in a heavy wooden box which holds the following contents:
» DJMAX Portable Hot Tunes UMD software 
 » DJMAX Hot Tunes Golden Original Soundtrack + Piano Collection
 » DJMAX Hot Tunes Mini-Poster Collection (8 sheets)
 » DJMAX Hot Tunes Golden OST Poster Booklet
 » DJMAX Hot Tunes Daily Planner

Fans of the music-rhythm genre who'll be picking up DJMAX for the first time this week will find an energetic mix of songs along with polished presentation that's on par with anything from the major publishers. The tracks in the game are culled from DJMax Portable and DJMax Portable 2 and the loading times are improved over those earlier games. Hot Tunes caters to beginners with an easy 4-button mode but experts can opt for more buttons to match the cues (up to 8) to complicate their lives.

   The cinematic introduction to the game is the same as the one featured in the original DJ Max Portable where a breezy blonde aboard a train listens to music on her MP3 player and then daydreams in class. She later joins a group of musically-inclined cohorts in an imaginary jam session where she's the singer with breezy flair and wears a swimsuit on stage. The title screen is brand new and infused with energetic motion. Press START and the game modes are:

» 4 Button Easy Mode - Only four buttons and attendant cues are used
» 4 Button Intermediate Mode
» 6 Button Advanced Mode for gamers with good hand-eye coordination
» 8 Button Professional Mode for playboys who can rock 8 buttons
» Freestyle Mode - Gamers can select the songs they wish to play
» Extreme Challenge Mode - Mission based button-tapping action

   In the Options screen, the video and audio parameters may be set along with the button configuration. Start a 4-Button game and the playfield appears which takes up 1/3 of the screen while an animated movie plays on the rest of the screen. Newbies are advised to try their hand in the 4 Button Easy Mode to get the gist of the rhythm action. Proper cue-hits are tracked by a combo counter and the accuracy of a cue-hit is indicated by the "Max Percentage" text which flashes with every hit.  

Product Specifications
Publisher: Pentavision
Compatibility: Playstation Portable (Region-Free)
Language: Japanese
Format: Universal Media Disc (Single-Layer)
Title: 打碟携带版 火热曲调
Product SKU:
Jan Code:

   This document is ©NCSX 2010. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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