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Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS

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Price: $46.90
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Item Number: NTR-P-YD8J
Publisher: Sega
Jan/UPC Code: 4974365910419
Update: March 6, 2008
A new Doraemon animated movie bows in Japan this weekend and Sega ships an accompanying NDS game a couple of days before the film goes wide. In Doraemon Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden DS, Doraemon and his master Nobita collaborate in a platform action game where trademark gadgets and tools are used to navigate through obstacles and chasms. Along with the side scrolling stages, players will also get to enjoy seven mini-games which feature challenges inspired by the upcoming movie. In one mini-game, Doraemon tethers a balloon to his nose so that he can take flight. By blowing on the NDS' microphone, players provide the lift so Doraemon can sail. An item synthesis system allows new gadgets to be created by combining ingredients in a versatile oven.

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NCS Game Notes
» In the intro to the game, a strong wind blows away a piece of paper and Nobita chases it around until it gets stuck on a little sapling in a yellow pail. Nobita decides to bring the mini tree home.
 » Nobita's in focus at the outset of the game and the goal is to move him towards the left until he reaches home. He won't face much in the way of adversity other than some birds that swoop towards him. To avoid them, push down on the D-pad so Nobita ducks.
 » Once home, Nobita cries out for Doraemon who appears shortly afterwards. The robotic cat digs around for a short while and pulls out a green pogo stick that looks like a seahorse. Nobita hops on board and his job is to jump to the right until he reaches the portly merchant. The proper game starts afterwards where Doraemon and Nobita enter a cavern.
 » To switch between Nobita and Doraemon during the platform action, press the "X" button and they'll swap active status. Shortly after entering the cavern, Doraemon pulls out the barrel of the gun which Nobita can use to blast away at enemies inside the cavern. The third item that is made available is a little purple vacuum thing-a-mabob that is used to create suspended glass blocks that are used as stepping stones to higher levels.
 » Once a large assortment of gadgets are stored in the duo's arsenal, you'll be able to switch between items by pressing "START" and then tapping on the blue item button. An inventory screen appears which shows what's available to use.
 » The first end-level boss is a monster that looks like a yeti if the yeti were made of vegetation. It charges at Doraemon and Nobita with heavy footsteps and an angry demeanor. Equip Nobita with the barrel and the yeti is eventually destroyed by about 10 shots.
 » After defeating the yeti, the cavern starts shaking and the pair of heroes is gifted with a new gadget. It looks like a pink smokestack which is for Doraemon. To activate it, press the "Y" button and keep on tapping while moving to the right. The smokestack gives Doraemon the speed of a locomotive so that he can charge through dropping stalagmites and mow down enemies with wild abandon. When Doraemon is rolling along like a train, it'll elicit a few chuckles from players because he looks ridiculous.
 » At the end of each level, you'll get the chance to save your progress to the game card. There's a total of four save slots.
 » As mentioned in our game synopsis, there are mini-games to be played and the first one features Nobita in a side scrolling jaunt where he faces off against assorted scamps. First, pick up the two bullets and then head to the right. Blow into the microphone to unleash a blast of air from Nobita's hand which is the weapon of choice. Defeat all of the opponents by canceling their own air attacks by blowing into the microphone and then blow again quickly to attack them with a gust of air.
 » The second mini-game features the little green moppet from the Doraemon movie and the task is jumping on top of Suneo and Takeshi who are trying to grab the little creature. You'll have to score a total of 500 points by jumping on top of Suneo and then Takeshi in order to earn 60 points per sequence.

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