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Dragon Quest VIII - Ultimate Hits

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Price: $35.90
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: SLPM-66481
Publisher: Square Enix
Jan/UPC Code: 4988601004657
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: July 14, 2006
«©NCSX» The eighth edition of Dragon Quest features a cel-shaded visual style which is an evolutionary leap from the Super Famicom-ish stylings of Dragon Quest VII. When the game originally shipped in late November 2004, Square Enix priced the game at the hefty rate of Y8800 (US$79.37, forex spot), a dear price to help recoup the investment for the development time and resources poured into the latest and greatest edition of a fabled RPG franchise.
The adventuring portion of the game features a Toriyama-designed lead hero who spans the world in fluid motion. An omnipresent camera hovers nearby to take in the action and interaction between town folk and party members. When its time for skirmishes, the scene changes to a 3-D close-quartered battlefield where attacks and magical spells are shown with elegant flourish and accompanied by gee-whiz special effects.
The Ultimate Hits version of Dragon Quest VIII is the same game as the original. The only difference is the packaging which features a big and obnoxious "Ultimate Hits" banner along the left side of the front cover.
Jan Code: 4988601004657

NCS Game Notes
» Upon booting up the game, players may set the screen size between Normal 4:3 aspect and Wide Screen 16:9 ratio. The sound volume for BGM, SE, and Voice may also be set.

» The intro to the game shows a pair of eagles soaring through the sky and passing the DQVIII party before heading off higher into the heavens.

» The game intro pans in on a castle and the plucking up of a sceptre from a rock which causes great stalks to rip through the interior of the castle. The scene changes to a little rat with a mohawk on a grassy field. It senses something and gallops along through the brush until it reaches a green ogre-like creature we know and love as Trode. It then plunges into the pocket of the nameless hero who we named Hubert. Yangus waves in the background and tells the protagonist that it's time to move - he calls Hubert, guv... as in guv'ner or governor.

» The first battle is against three blue slimes who bound out of the forest. The battle takes place on a 3D battlefield where actions are selected from a menu. For example, the fight option will send the two heroes (Hubert and Yangus) agains the slimes until either side is defeated. When the action commences, the camera will view either Yangus or Hubert from the back and watch as each hero rushes into the distance to strike at the slime.

» The party is looking for the Princess Medea who is Trode's only daughter. A white horse trots into the encampment and Trode welcomes his Princess Medea back. The two were once king and princess but were transformed by a wizard into their present forms. The party is looking for a way to change them back to human form and after a bit of discussion, decide to head into the town of Farebury. Their caravan pulled by Medea while Trode serves as horse driver. Hubert and Yangus walk alongside the caravan in flanking positions. Once in town, a little more of the story is revealed and Hubert is sent to locate Rylus with Yangus by his side.

» To save your progress in the game, visit a church and confess to the nun dressed in the blue and black robes. She may also perform divination, resurrection, purification, and benediction services.

Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.
This document is ©NCSX 2006. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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