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Final Fight Streetwise

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Price: $29.00
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Item Number: XBX-U-FFS
Publisher: Capcom
Jan/UPC Code: 013388290192
From the Publisher
Based on the classic franchise, Final Fight: Streetwise will take players back to Metro City for the first time since the Sega Saturn days. Rather than follow legendary heroes Haggar, Guy, and Cody, Final Fight: Streetwise puts players in the role of all-new character and brother to Cody, Kyle Travers. After spending years intimidating local gangs, the Travers brothers have cleaned up their neighborhood and brought peace to the surrounding areas. "Your fists are the only thing that you can rely on in this world," the brothers say, and as it turns out, they're going to need them --as one day without warning, an unknown underground organization kidnaps Cody and turns the city to disorder. From that point on, Kyle's mission is to solve Cody's disappearance and build respect from the thugs that took him.
* Open-ended gameplay in a 3D Metro City - explore and interact with NPCs to get information, find side missions or just explore the city's neighborhoods
* Respect system adds a new dimension to the game -- beating down bad guys, winning pit fights, finishing side missions and playing minigames gets respect, which earns new moves and weapons
* Earn money to buy weapons, get information, and hire sidekicks
* All-new combos and supercombos in hand-to-hand mode
Collect classic Final Fight weapons like pool cues, lead pipes and knives, to shotguns and automatic firearms

UPC: 013388290192

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