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Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Regular Edition

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Price: $53.90
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Item Number: SQEX10183-86
Publisher: Square Enix
Jan/UPC Code: 4988601461610
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: January 28, 2010
The original Final Fantasy games belted out melodious beeps and boops for the sound effects and music. They didn't sound bad but that was old-school chiming and sound chip technology has marched onwards. When the series reached the Super Famicom, melodious musical scores became the norm for the franchise. The songs progressively got grander under the guiding hand of Nobuo Uematsu.

For the thirteenth Final Fantasy, Nobuo stepped aside and handed the reins over to Masashi Hamauzu who has worked on Final Fantasy X and Saga Frontier 2. The new FFXIII Original Soundtrack spans four CDs which are packaged neatly in a foldout binder.

Complete Track Listing
Disc One
02) FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise
03) The Thirteenth Day
04) Defiers of Fate
05) Saber's Edge
06) The Hanging Edge
07) Those For the Purge
08) The Warpath Home
09) The Pulse Fal'Cie
10) Face It Later
11) Snow's Theme
12) The Vestige
13) Ragnarok
14) In the Sky That Night
15) Promised Eternity
16) Eternal Love (Short Version)
17) Lake Bresha
18) The Pulse L'Cie
19) Eidolons

Disc Two
01) Blinded By Light
02) Glory's Fanfare
03) Battle Results
04) A Brief Respite
05) Cavalry Theme
06) Escape
07) Crash Landing
08) Daddy's Got the Blues
09) The Vile Peaks
10) Lightning's Theme
11) Sazh's Theme
12) March of the Dreadnoughts
13) The Gapra Whitewood
14) Tension in the Air
15) Forever Fugitives
16) The Sunleth Waterscape
17) Lost Hope
18) To Hunt L'Cie
19) No Way to Live
20) Sustained by Hate
21) The Pulse L'Cie
22) Serah's Theme

Disc Three
01) Can't Catch a Break
03) Hope's Theme
04) This Is Your Home
05) Atonement
06) Vanille's Theme
07) The Final Stage
08) The Pompa Sancta
09) Nautilus
10) Chocobos of Cocoon - Chasing Dreams
11) Feast of Betrayal
12) Eidolons on Parade
13) Test of the L'Cie
14) All the World Against Us
15) Game Over
16) Primarch Dysley
17) Fighting Fate
18) Separate Paths
19) Setting You Free
20) Desperate Struggle
21) Mysteries Abound
22) Will to Fight

Disc Four
01) Fang's Theme
02) Terra Incognita
03) The Archylte Steppe
04) Chocobos of Pulse
05) The Yaschas Massif
06) Memories of Happier Days
07) Sulyya Springs
08) Taejin's Tower
09) Dust to Dust
10) The Road Home
11) Start Your Engines
12) Eden Under Siege
13) The Cradle Will Fall
14) Born Anew
15) Sinful Hope
16) Fabula Nova Crystallis
18) Focus
19) Nascent Requiem
20) Determination
21) Kimi ga Irukara (Long Version)
22) Ending Credits

Product Specifications
Product SKU: SQEX-10183-86
JAN Code: 4988601461610
Japanese Product Name: ファイナルファンタジーXIII オリジナルサウンドトラック
Publisher: Square Enix
Compatibility: CD (Region-Free)
Format: Audio CD
Language: Japanese

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