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Fire Emblem Akatsuki no Megami

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Price: $65.00
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Item Number: RVL-P-RFEJ
Publisher: Nintendo
Jan/UPC Code: 4902370515848
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: February 21, 2007
«©NCSX» In the previous Fire Emblem game (Soen no Kiseki aka Path of Radiance), armies from Dayne invaded Crimea but were eventually beaten back by fractious forces led by the Greil Mercenaries. As the story in Akatsuki no Megami begins, Crimea has begun reconstruction and troops from Begnion are sent to Dayne to ensure that the peace is kept. However, a group of young freedom fighters known as the Dawn Group disavow the sanctions imposed by Begnion and join together in the capital of Nevasa to plot an uprising...
Familiar faces from the previous Fire Emblem game return including Sothe, Elincia, Zelgius, and Jill. New characters introduced in the game include a silver-haired female mage named Micaiah, a blonde archer who answers to Leonardo, and a brown-haired sword handler named Eddie. The gameplay follows the conventions established in previous Fire Emblem games where player-heroes interact with cohorts and then engage enemy forces on a map. When it's time to move, the screen lights up with squares which show range of movement. Select an attack and the screen shifts to a 3D action sequence where blows are meted out in fluid motion.
Jan Code: 4902370515848

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NCS Game Notes
» Players who are new to the Fire Emblem series will find helpful indicators and tutorials during the early portion of the game. Please note however that the text is entirely in Japanese. Another helpful feature in the game is the glossary which explains key relationships, countries, and conflicts.

» Attack sequences are enjoyable to watch... even after the 10th time. If it gets tedious on the 11th sword slash, it's possible to toggle battle animations off to speed up the game.

» Fire Emblem can be played with the Wii remote control but there's no shaking or wagging motion involved. Simply move the characters with the d-pad on the Wii remote and push the appropriate buttons for action. Furthermore, the game may also be played with a Wii Classic Controller or a Gamecube joypad.

» The cinematic introduction features two massive armies massing for war. On one side are humans and the other side consists of animals and beast men. The two forces are shown gathering at first while blue flames consume images onscreen and billow about for dramatic effect as thunderous music plays in the background. When the two armies do eventually rush into war against each other, the action is shown in LOTR-like detail with close shots as well as aerial views of the carnage.

» Unit Classes in the game include: Archer, Axe Knight, Bandit, Blade, Fighter, Fire Mage, Lance Armor, Priest, Soldier, and Thief.

» The introductory cinema where Micaiah is accosted and almost apprehended by enemy soldiers (before Eddie saves her) features voice acting. Afterwards in the actual in-game interaction, there is only text dialogue to move the story along.

» Battles are fought on tactical grids where movement and attacks are controlled entirely through the Wii Remote held sideways. There's no waving motion here. Before the first battle in town, a short tutorial teaches movement and engagement of foes on a map. Attacks are chosen and when the actual strike takes place, the scene changes to a 3D representation of the battle where attacks, counterattacks, and evasion is shown in full animated sequences.

» Micaiah can heal party members by standing adjacent to him/her and selecting the heal command. In the middle of the first battle, a blonde archer named Leonardo joins your party. Archers can attack diagonally to a space next to the current space and avoid a counterattack. Archers can also shoot twice during a round to impact double damage.

Japanese Region Alert
Please note that Japanese Wii games are not compatible with USA or European Wii consoles. Please do not purchase this game if you only own a USA or European Wii because you will not be able to play the game.

This document is ©NCSX 2007, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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