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Forever Blue

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Price: $58.00
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Item Number: RVL-P-RFBJ
Publisher: Nintendo
Jan/UPC Code: 4902370516142
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 3, 2007
«©NCSX» A few years ago, Arika produced a PS2 game titled EverBlue
and followed up with a sequel. In those earlier games, players searched for treasure in the briny depths of the ocean while enjoying underwater sights and the creatures deep below. Keeping with the theme of "ever blue," Arika's fascination with the ocean continues with Forever Blueon the Wii. Should Arika pursue the love affair further, we're looking forward to Forever Blue 2 or possibly Eternally Blue for their next ocean-based game.

Players take control of an expert diver who explores the depths of the South Pacific Ocean and interacts with sea creatures big and small which include whales, schools of fish, stingrays, and dolphins. When exploring the underwater environs, the time is tracked by the game engine which changes how the deep looks during the daytime contrasted with the night. When a new creature is encountered, it can be added to a scrap book of sorts so you can peruse its image later. In addition to areas of the ocean that are mapped by man already, unknown areas may be explored such as ruins and caves that may yield surprises. Players may serve as a diving instructor or an undersea photographer to earn coin. Two players may link up with the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to enjoy a cooperative experience.

Jan Code: 4902370516142

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Region Incompatibility
Please note that Japanese Wii games cannot be played on USA Wii consoles due to the region lockout implemented by Nintendo.

NCS Game Notes
» When the game disc is inserted into the Wii, the animation that appears on the Wii channel for the game is of a squadron of stingrays which flap their wings gently as they swim towards the northwest.

» In the now loading screen, an energetic dolphin swims in an undulating manner in the lower left corner of the screen.

» Start a NEW GAME and you're prompted to enter your name on an identification card. You're a professional diver with three stars and your number is: LTU ARK P2 0000. After selecting a save-game file, the game starts and the following text appears:

Manaurai Sea
The western sea off Manaurai Island abounds with unspoiled beauty and natural resources.

» Your onscreen protagonist appears underwater in a scuba outfit and is audibly breathing from an air tank. Point the Wii in the directions indicated on the screen and then swim forwards by pressing and holding the B button. The Wii Remote is used to move the scuba diver and the direction of movement is indicated by a blue targeting cursor that appears on screen. To perform a barrel roll, shake the Wii Remote to the left or right two times in quick succession. If you swim directly ahead, you'll eventually reach a miniature coral reef which is the locus of life in the current location. The fish all congregate near the reef and you may interact with them with the Wii Remote.

» The first area that you dive around in looks pretty good and the colors are muted to convey the illusion of really being underwater. The reef that you can explore looks a little stiff however but is still attractive. We describe it as stiff because the anemones don't move with the water currents and the underwater flora looks more like plastic decorations instead of the living things that they're supposed to represent. While hanging around below, the fish will swim by and ignore you unless you engage them. At one point when we were testing the game this morning, there was a stingray that passed by which you can follow and swim alongside. To interact with the fish, move the cursor over them until it turns yellow and press the "A" button. A finger will appear which appears to tickle the fish. One fish we tickled hung around as if our diver was a big mammalian friend.

» To access a menu of options when underwater, hit the d-pad on the Wii Remote and partial wheel appears on the bottom of the screen with various commands including one where you can resurface back aboard your ship, feed the fish, and toggle game option modifiers. When feeding the fish, a yellowish cloud of food is released into the water and the fish dart in and eat what you've dispersed.

» Your ship is called "Gabbiano" and the game describes it as, "Your small but steady vessel. Gabbiano means "seagull" in Italian."

» There is no spoken speech in the game and the dialogue between your onscreen persona and the female shipmate is represented by text only. When you first surface, you'll have a conversation where a little background information is disseminated. If you dive again and resurface, she can be seen making friends with a penguin that has climbed aboard the Gabbiano. The penguin proceeds to hang around and becomes a mascot of sorts.

» During dives, the fish and other animals that you encounter can be saved to a book that's in your ship's quarters. For example, after our second dive, we had about six fish identified and added to the book with their scientific names and photos. Fish and animals that have not been encountered yet are shown as shadowed silhouettes on the pages of the book.

» New Zealand native Hayley Westenra sings the song "Prayer" in the introduction to the game.

This document is ©NCSX 2007, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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