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From the Abyss

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Price: $35.90
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Item Number: NTR-P-YVSE
Publisher: Aksys
Jan/UPC Code: 893610001129
From the Publisher
Explore a vast world with From the Abyss. Rubenhaut is a small country surrounded by nature. Peace-loving queens have always ruled this country. Its towns and villages overflow with energy and prosper like none before them. Some attribute this to the queens, while others point to the serenity of the region as the cause. However, Rubenhaut has a dark secret. Long ago, the Dimensional Abyss was created, to seal away all the evil in the world. In order to manage that parallel dimension, the Saint of Light created a Magic Crystal. This crystal was called the Abyss Gate. The country of Rubenhaut was founded in order to monitor the Abyss Gate. But as time passed, the seal weakened, and monsters began to pour through the Gate to attack Rubenhaut. The army, accustomed to peace, didn't know how to retaliate. Facing a grim fate, the queen made a decision. To stand up against the great forces of evil. It is said that he who defeats the forces of evil shall have bestowed on him a priceless treasure. As the forces of evil grow in power, another adventurer arrives in Rubenhaut.
* Steal the enemies techniques and use them to turn the tide of the battle
* A unique journey in a custom world each time you play
* Customize your character by using your skill points to enhace specific powers
* Connect wirelessly with a friend to collect rare items
UPC: 893610001129

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