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Fuuun Super Combo - SNK Best

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Price: $29.00
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: SLPS-25866
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Jan/UPC Code: 4964808301072
Update: May 29, 2008
«©NCSX» It's been over a decade since Savage Reign aka Fuun Mokushiroku and Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle aka Fuun Super Tag Battle gobbled up credits in arcades across Japan. While neither game was particularly memorable or unique, Kizuna Encounter has the distinction of being a very rare and thus very expensive Neo Geo home cartridge. As we rush towards the second half of 2007, Playstation gamers get to completely own both games for a middling US$39.

In Savage Reign, a hulking bruiser named Shishioh announces the Battle of the Beast God Tournament where he throws out a televised challenge to the greatest fighters in the world. From all corners of the planet, a motley assortment of nine combatants converge on Shishioh in respective bids to win untold wealth and fame.

Kizuna Encounter takes place after the events of Savage Reign where Shishioh announces another Battle of the Beast God Tournament. In the first challenge, Shioshioh was soundly defeated by the boomerang-wielding Hayate. In the new contest, Shioshioh mandates that the fighters battle in teams of two - thus the "Tag Battle" distinction in the game title.

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

NCS Game Notes
» The title screen features the Fuun Super Combo logo on the lower-right corner of the screen along with images from both games - Savage Reign and Super Tag Battle. If you leave it alone, a demo loads up which shows the game in action with resonant music, voice dialogue and 1-second video bites where Hayate does his thing. Leave it alone some more and an actual Savage Reign match plays where Gozu and Nicola fight on a two tiered level.

» Press START and the familiar Neo Geo Online Collection menu screen appears. On the upper left side of the screen, you can choose to play Fuun Mokushiroku or Fuun Super Tag Battle which make up the first two selections. Move the cursor to the third option on the top of the screen and you can enter the Network Match area which connects you to the Multi-Matching BB service to look for online combatants to compete against. The fourth option on the top portion of the screen allows you to play Practice Mode for either game.

» On the lower portion of the main menu screen, the options from left to right are:

MEMORY / Load Data, Save Data, or toggle Auto Save option
CONTROL / Set the button configuration for both games
VIDEO / Change screen type, position x and y, and adjust focus
AUDIO / Set output (Stereo/Mono), Select Normal or Arrange BGM, adjust BGM volume, sound test
COLOR / Customize the color schemes for the characters in either Fuun game

» Either the d-pad or L-Analog may be used for control. Press "SELECT" at any time during a match and you'll be able to bring up the following selections:

CONTINUE / Resume game
SKILL LIST / Check out the special moves and attacks for your fighter
KEY SETTING / Map commands to buttons as you see fit
PRACTICE MENU / Battle against a dummy COM-controlled opponent
RESTART / Start a new game with Stage Select and Character Change option
END / Return to the main menu

» Choose either game and the familiar Neo Geo jingle plays with the appropriate intro screen. The games appear to be emulated since they look and sound very much like the Neo Geo originals

Color on Fuun Mokushiroku

The characters in Fuun Mokushiroku
Hayate / Looks like a burlier version of Ryu but carries a boomerang
Gozu / An orange garbed ninja with a gas mask on who attacks with claws
Carol / Blonde amazon in a short yellow skirt - holds a pink sphere
Mezu / Looks like a blue-garbed version of Gozu with a pointy face mask
Eagle / Birdie from the Street Fighter game may have a twin brother
Nicola / Jumpy little guy who holds a green / blue shield and sports white hair
Chung / Tung Fu Rue revived? Holds a wicked looking walking stick and wears blue shades
Shishioh / Muscular mohawked-fighter who wears boxing gloves and armored chest plate
Gordon / Big monstrous cop with a growth on his chest that looks like the mop of a Beatle
Joker / Scrawny clown with big red nose and 4-wheel inline skates

» The default button configuration for Fuun Mokushiroku is as follows:

SQUARE / Punch
CROSS / Kick
CIRCLE / Depth Move
R2-TRIGGER / P + K + W

» The blood runs ruddy - use Gozu to slash away at someone and witness the ejection of thick red splotches. Gozu's claws can also deflect Carol's sphere attacks or Nicolas' shield throw.

» FM is a standard one-on-one fighting game featuring 10 characters with the lead being a fighter named Hayate who swings a boomerang during bouts. Each stage is 2-tiered with a lower level and an upper level that fighters may jump onto by pressing the CIRCLE button which is called the "Depth Move." The jumping up and out of the second tier may be used for strategic offensive purposes or to vamoose from a powerful attacker. Since every fighter utilizes a weapon, a mix of melee attacks may be mashed against an opponent.

» The game runs fast and controls well enough. It's a very good Neo Geo conversion

» Nicola cries like a little girl when defeated on the battlefield.

» The language in the game can be toggled from Japanese to English to Spanish. The game speed may also be adjusted from the standard 100% to 90% or 120% and the Level may be set at Easy, Normal, Hard, or MVS.

Color on Fuun Super Tag Battle

» The characters are mostly the same as before but the art style is different and sharper. Three new fighters join the cast.

Rosa / Bandana-wearing senorita who carries a katana
Gozu / He looks the same as he did in the first game
Shishioh / Muscular mohawked-fighter who wears boxing gloves and armored chest plate
Chung / The senior citizen with moxie returns to fight with his walking stick
Hayate / Still swinging that boomerang like his life depended on it
Kim Sue Il / A jumpy bead-wearing player who wears white/blue colors and fights with a stick
Mezu / Nothing much has changed with this blue ninja with pointy face mask and slashing claws
Gordon / His color scheme has changed but he's still fat and carries a wicked electrified Billy club that's called a Stantofar.
Joker / The big red nose is gone, replaced by a purplish blue proboscis - can throw cards and hit with a hammer
Eagle / Still imposing and ripped. Carries a sword

» The default button scheme for Fuun Super Tag Battle is:

SQUARE / Punch
CROSS / Kick
CIRCLE / Change (Tag)

» Fuun Super Tag Battle features alternating 2-on-2 action where fighters tag out with each other to participate in the battle. Only 1-on-1 fighting action takes place at any one time however.

» Game options are 1-Player Only game or a Player 1 & Player 2 game. In the latter, the second player controls the second fighter in the duo and is only active when the first player tags out.

» When you're in your tag zone, press the D button to tag out with your partner.

» The blood runs ruddy and splotchy. Check out the spray whenever one of Joker's cards slices into a hapless opponent.

» The language in the game can be toggled to Japanese, English, Spanish, or Portuguese. The game speed may also be adjusted from Normal, Fast, or Low.

» The Time may be set at Low, Normal, Fast, or No Count. Finally, the level of the game may be set from 1 to 8 which stands for Very Easy, Easy, Normal, MVS, Hard, Very Hard, Hyper Hard, and Strong Hard.

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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