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Shooting Gameside Vol. 06

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Price: $30.90
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Item Number: GSD-SGV6
Publisher: Gameside
Jan/UPC Code: 9784896374100

NCS Product Synopsis  

«©NCSX» The sixth issue of Shooting Gameside magazine includes coverage of the following games:

» Dragon Spirit 25th Anniversary article which checks out the original coin-op, home conversions, Dragon Spirit manga, and character illustrations.
» Review of two soundtracks titled Rom Cassette Disc in Namco Bandai Games Inc Vol. 1 and Rom Cassette Disc in Namco Bandai Games Inc Vol. 2 which were both released in 3Q/2012.
» Coverage on Xevious 30th Anniversary Tribute, which features 15 tracks, which is available on iTunes. Messages from composers
Yuji Masubuchi, AJURIKA, Yoshito Yano, Hiroshi Okubo, Hiroyuki Kawada, Linda AI-CUE,
Katsuro Tajima, Junichi Nakazuru, Yoshiaki Hirai, and Taku Inoue.
» Gameside checks out Xevious Resurrection (Jan 29, 2012) which was on the Namco Museum.comm downloadable title on the Japanese Playstation Network.
» Preview of the Xevious Solvalou toy ship which ships in April 2013 for the Japanese market from Wave under license from Namco Bandai Games.
» Ginga Force developer interview with 
M-KAI, Mach, Yonezawa, and Yousuke Yasui
» Coverage on DoDonPachi Maximum which was released for iOS and Windows Phone 7 along with an interview with creators
Hiroyuki Kimura, H. Nomura, and Isamu Matsuda.
» One-pager on Raiden Legacy for iOS and Android followed by another one-pager on Ikaruga for Android, which was released on December 12, 2012 at JPY800 (US$8.68) and a two-pager on the 1/144 scale Ikaruga model ship.
» One pagers on Taka Gari Oh (3DS) and 99Bullets (NDS). 
» Article on Super Chain Crusher Horizon for Windows from
Mind Ware.
Snops Attack! Zombie Defense for X360 and an interview with creator Mike Walz.
» PSP Soreyuke! Burunyan-man Portable gameplay and character details.

» Gameside visits Jeff Minter and Ivan Zorzin of Llamasoft and checks out their games Fi
veADay and SuperOxWars for iOS, Android, and Mac.
» Revolver 360 for the Xbox 360.

Product Specifications

Publisher: Gameside Books
Territory/Language: Japan
Japanese Title:
シューティングゲームサイド (Vol.6)
Pages: 129

Jan Code: 9784896374100

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