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Gundam Battle Universe (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection)

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Price: $35.90
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Item Number: ULJS-00260
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Jan/UPC Code: 4582224492244
Japanese Product Name: ガンダムバトルユニバース Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection

Update: July 17, 2008
«©NCSX» Bandai has released three Gundam Battle games on the PSP thus far and their fourth title Gundam Battle Universe continues the tradition of fast-paced 3D action. Players control mobile suits on the side of the Earth Federation or the Zeon and venture into missions where swords are swung and beam weapons are fired to complete various objectives. In addition to search and destroy missions, there are also escort mission and protection missions as well where a base or ship is guarded from attack. The original Gundam Battle Tactics is still our favorite game in the series with its perfect control and varied missions but the entire Gundam Battle series is built on the original game engine from Battle Tactics. That means perfect controls, challenging missions, and fluid action as mechs jump-jet and clash on city squares, deserts, and even underwater. 

   Players of Gundam Battle Chronicle may transfer data over to Gundam Battle Universe and the wireless mode allows for multiple players to engage in Versus campaigns. To round out the feature set, a Gallery Mode includes a library of Mobile Suits featured in the game, a full Character roster of heroes such as Ray Amuro and Shiroh Amada, Background information on the Gundam mythos, and a collection of Illustrations. The War Record keeps track of your battlefield performance and the Gundam Museum features BGM tracks to listen to.

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

Japanese PSP games may be played on North American and European PSP handhelds. There is no region-coding on PSP game UMDs.

NCS Game Notes
» The Selections on the main menu screen are:

STORY - Create a new character, a partner, and delve into 0079
VERSUS - Go to war against three mechs (COM or Human opponents)
GALLERY - View Mobile Suit Mechs, Arms, Characters, Background Story Text, Illustrations, the War Record, and visit the Gundam Museum
PASSWORD - Enter a password
OPTION - Adjust sound (BGM, Voice, SE) volumes and configure controls

Triangle - Beam saber slash
Cross - Activate Thrusters
Circle - Fire primary weapon (ex: Beam Rifle)
Square - Fire secondary artillery (ex: Head Vulcan)
L-Trigger - Raise shield and block oncoming attacks
R-Trigger - Target enemy; press again to target next enemy

» Similar to previous Gundam games, the controls are top-notch and the action runs fast and fluid. PSP Gundam games are some of our favorites and we think they're pretty much perfect on Sony's handheld. When in the heat of battle, frustration can set in if your Gundam doesn't perform properly or obey your controller tugs and button presses to spec. Thankfully, the game engine is smooth and handles all of your input and controls with perfect precision.

» Before each mission, a briefing appears on screen which outlines the objectives and lists which enemy mechs you'll be going up against. A listing of support forces that'll back you up is also shown

» A series of Training Missions may be played which teach gamers the basics of Mobile Suit maneuvering, attacking, and beam saber slashing. You'll also learn how to parry a blow and perform sequential attacks.

» Samples of game stages we tested this morning:

Twilight Islands - A simple and straightforward mission where four enemy mechs appear one by one on a number of small islands. Jump jet your way to greet them and shoot or slash when the occasion calls.

Belfast in the Rain - A number of square pools in this level are filled with water which provide "protective cover" for the enemy mechs. You can snipe at them when they come up for air but it's faster if you dunk your mech into the drink to tackle the opponents head-on. If you stay underwater, they'll eventually come to you.

Lightning in the Wilderness - The "wilderness" is more of a tundra without any cover. The enemy mechs come at you one by one followed by a couple. Destroy them and an enemy aircraft wings its way through the air. Your job is to attack it in the middle until it explodes and falls from the sky. Falter in your mission and it escapes. In the midst of trying to destroy the aircraft, a blue-armored MS-07B tries to stop your assault so you'll have to contend with him as well.

Ramba Ral's Attack - Desert stage with billowing dust clouds and all around chaos as Zaku's scramble and blast. As the stage goes on, the dust clouds settle down a bit and Rambal eventually arrives to attack with ferocity. He's surprisingly easy to defeat but maybe he was having an off day.

Black Tri-Star - A cargo retrieval mission set in an industrial shanty town which is capped by the arrival of three powerful Zaku attackers in purple armor. If your HP isn't at least half full by the time they arrive, we fear for your ability to finish to level since the Zakus tend to attack in concert.

This document and photos are ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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