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Gunstar Super Heroes

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Price: $36.90
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Item Number: AGB-P-BHGE
Publisher: Sega
Jan/UPC Code: 010086600292
Short NCS Synopsis
«©NCSX» Red and Blue are sent to tackle the machinations of a cabal that seeks to revive the God of Ruin. Much like the original Gunstar Heroes, versatile heroes rush across side scrolling levels and use exotic weaponry to battle hundreds of soldiers and innovative bosses which provide screen fireworks, special effects, and the ever important wow factor. Similar to the original Gunstar, four weapon systems (rapid shot, machine gun, laser, explode) are available which may be mixed to generate new weapon effects.
Long NCS Review
«©NCSX» In 1993, the original Gunstar Heroes set hearts afire with the story of freedom fighters countering the threat of an evil megalomaniac set on world domination. Wishing to rule the world, the megalomaniac threw hundreds of soldiers and innovative bosses at the Gunstar Heroes and the gaming world was better for it. Over a decade later, Treasure returns to the game that put their name on the map and it's a fierce ride.

Upon starting the game, the same rotating Gunstar Heroes logo from the Genesis original appears and players may choose to play the blonde haired Red or the grey-haired Blue or check the Options. After selecting Red or Blue, the difficulty level (Easy, Normal, Hard) may be chosen. A gal in yellow gloves apprises Red or Blue of the situation and it's off to the races. Similar to the original, the hero can slide-dash and blow out a variety of weapon attacks which may be toggled on the fly. Whereas the original featured a mobile shot or fixed shot, there's only a mobile shot in the new game so that one may run and gun at will. There are also three weapon systems that may be mixed together whereas the original only featured two at a time.

The main hero and enemy sprites are larger than the original Gunstar and they animate fluidly. The enemy henchmen have not changed in the decade+ that we've last seen them. They still wear the same uniforms albeit in silver and blue instead of silver and red in the original and everyone sports a pair of goggles. In addition to shooting up the levels, Red or Blue may also grab enemies and throw them like projectiles to bowl over groups of soldiers that may be gathering together.

For a blast to the past, there's a remake of the first level of the original Gunstar Heroes where Red or Blue run through a green landscape. The little flying drones from the original have been upgraded to somewhat slicker versions. They were red and bulky in the original Gunstar and they're silver and green and somewhat slimmer in the new game. The flora on the level appears more lush and seemingly drips over the platforms. Just like the original, little green men wander around and contribute nothing to Red or Blue's crusade although they appear to be confused by the carnage.

The mid-level boss in the remake of the first level, Papaya Dance, has been upgraded from a stalk-like vegetable with some manner of fruiting body on top to a bulbous multi-segmented inverted pineapple-like concoction. The little pink projectiles that it spits out are the same but the caterpillar is now white with green spots and stubby pink prolegs. In the original Gunstar, the caterpillar was a pastel blue with orange spots and orange wispy prolegs.

The original mid-level boss was called Papaya Dance because it would seemingly do Chubby Checker's "the Twist" whenever shot. The new Papaya Dance does the same weaving and bobbing when shot for more dancing action. As it is being hit, it will lower itself into the ground as it spits out more pink projectiles and creeping caterpillars fall from the heavens.

Other levels featured in the game include an enjoyable one where the platforms rotate around the axis of the player while little yellow duckies (an homage to Flicky) are gathered up so that they follow Red or Blue in a ducky line-up. Look out for more cameos throughout the game for retro gaming references. In another level, a rampaging cricket is ridden by Red or Blue like a horse and the action runs brisk as enemies are shot down. In this level, there will be a reunion with the nifty Seven Force boss which morphs from form to form until defeated.

There are some impressive level sequences where the action takes place on a speeding airship and it heads towards the player in 3D action while Red/Blue shoot at enemies. Rotate the ship to avoid missiles that have been launched by pursuers. In another level sequence, Red/Blue jump up on various airships as they drift downwards attack enemies while jumping around on the ships. As Red or Blue leap to the left or right side of each ship, it will wobble and become imbalanced as it tilts towards the wing where the hero is standing. In the first level, areas of the action are viewed from the video screen of the enemies observation deck and the scene shifts from normal view to a sort of infra-red light view. There's also a teddy bear road-kill moment... For shooter fans, some levels feature shooting sequences where a helicopter is piloted and use against opposing airships and ground installations.

While playing the game, there are many moments when one might pause the action and murmur to oneself, "Treasure is so clever." We're impressed with the new Gunstar Super Heroes and will add it to our Treasure Shrine, sidled next to the original Mega-Drive version.

UPC: 010086600292

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This document is ©NCSX 2010. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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