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Gun Survivor 3 Dino Crisis [PS2/JPN]

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Price: $88.90
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST
Item Number: SLPM-65139
Publisher: Capcom
Jan/UPC Code: 4976219754385
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 27, 2002

«©NCSX» It's time to spank the dust bunnies off your Guncon 2.0 and put it through some serious shooting action. As the story goes, a dimensional rift damages the ecological balance of the Cretaceous period which puts the evolution of mankind into question. To ensure man's existence, a scheme is hatched which transports dinosaurs of all types into the future. Once the ecological balance of the Cretaceous period is restored, the dinosaurs will be sent back in time to their natural era.

   Fast-forward to 1943 and Mike Wired is ejecting from his plane, a victim of his own poor dog-fighting skills. As he wafts to the ground, space-time somehow intersects that of the time-traveling dinosaurs and Mike plunges into a Lost World teeming with menacing dinosaurs. To survive the prehistoric onslaught, our hero must wield flame throwers, rocket launchers, Tesla guns, and other heavy weaponry to blast the beasts. Special items are peppered throughout levels but if you shoot them accidentally, they're lost. Gun Survivor 3 plays entirely in English, from the speech to the text to the menus. This boxed edition includes the Guncon 2.0.
Jan Code: 4976219754385
Japan Title: ガンサバイバー3 ディノクライシス
NCS Game Notes
* Two bullets is all it takes to fell a tree that has probably taken 2 decades to grow to its present height. The smaller lizards in the game die with a single shot in sniper mode or regular mode. Larger lizards take progressively more shots to bring them down as they scale larger in size.

* Weapons are scattered across the jungle where they float and rotate in mid-air. Recovery power-ups are similarly spaced across the jungle.

* When the player is attacked and killed by a dinosaur, he'll groan up a death cry as he gives up the ghost. The screen will also turn blood red.

* In the Option Menu, players may adjust the target point of the Guncon, set Stereo/Mono, adjust the screen, change the effect color between red or green, and set the vibration and Auto-Save options.

* The story of the game starts in 1943 over the Atlantic Ocean. A fighter jet is among other jets that are dogfighting and attacking battle cruisers. The hero named Mike Wired takes a direct hit from behind and as his plane smokes and spirals downwards, he parachutes out and finds himself frozen in time. After a moment in stasis, Stage 1 starts and he's been transported back to the Cretaceous Period and a bunch of pterodactyls are flying towards him. A gun materializes in his right hand and the first stage starts.

* As Mike plummets to earth, use the gun to shoot at the pterodactyls that are homing inbound on his position. As he floats downwards, parts of the burning hulks of planes also veer towards him. After shooting all of the pterodactyls, Mike lands on the jungle floor and is attacked by a couple of lizards who surround him and snarl. After saving progress to memory card, he runs away and receives a message on his wrist radio.

* In the second level, roam the jungle and shoot at dinosaurs that hop around and run through the brush. Although many don't outright attack the player, some will actively run towards him for the attack. Shooting a target will cause it to screech and jerk upwards before it dies. A splash of blood may also be seen jetting out of its mouth. There are chests scattered in the level which may be shot to blow them up. The level also contain purple plants which blow out noxious yellow gases.

* Although Gun Survivor 3 was designed for the Guncon, it may also be played with a standard Dual Shock 2. The L-analog moves Mike, the R-analog moves the targeting site, and the "X" button reloads the gun.

Region Lock-out
   Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

This document is ©NCSX 2002. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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