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Indigo Prophecy [XBX/JPN]

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Price: $39.98
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Item Number: 10960
Publisher: Atari
Jan/UPC Code: 742725265479
From the Publisher
   Play both hunter and hunted in this psycho thriller. Set in New York, Indigo Prophecy gives you the chance to speak, explore, interact, fight, and confront unknown dark forces. In the story, you can play as Lucas Kane, one of the many ordinary people that suddenly begin killing total strangers. Constantly burdened by strange visions, you must keep one step ahead of the police as you try to find out what's happening to you. Fahrenheit lets you control one of four characters and lets you make decisions that affect the storyline.

NCS Game Notes
* The game starts off with a narration by the hero and a view of Lucas Kane appearing in a shadowy and foggy environ. His adventure starts in New York as the camera zooms past the Statue of Liberty to the glimmering city amidst the sea. The cam continues its flight past a greasy diner and follows a crow which rests outside a bathroom where some guy is pissing away. Lucas Kane is sitting inside one of the bathroom stalls in a trance. He emerges with a blood stained knife in hand and hovers behind the diner patron who is now washing his hands. With a raised knife, Lucas chops the innocent victim up and severs all three major arteries to the guy's heart. After the killing, Lucas awakens from his zombie-like stupor and realizes what he has done. The game begins with policeman outside the diner bathroom and Lucas trying to find a way to exit without being caught for murder.

* The game uses a continual save system where data is automatically saved to memory card without intervention by the player.

* The left analog thumbpad is used for movement and the right analog pad is for action where choices are shown on the upper portion of the screen and one has to move it up, down, left, or right to activate.

* After paying the bill and leaving the diner, control shifts from Lucas Kane to Carla Valenti, a police inspector who arrives with Tyler to the diner to investigate the crime. Carla gets to interrogate the waitress and then gets to hear the events that just happened from another person's perspective. The waitress does get one point wrong. When sitting at the bar, Lucas does respond to the waitress when she asks him if he needs anything else. Lucas answered her in the negative and doesn't stare blankly into space as she said but it's her interpretation and editing of the events in her mind. After Carla, it's possible to change personas from Carla to her partner named Tyler.

* Even the virtual world is inundated with junk email . When Carla checks her email, she receives a solicitation for Valium. Tyler gets one for penis enlargement. There's another email in Tyler's inbox where 200 peer-to-peer pirates receive life sentences for downloading MP3s.

* The game alternately gives gamers the ability to control Carla, Tyler, and Lucas to view the story from different perspectives which eventually all tie up together. Additional game characters join the fun as the story moves along.

* Action sequences in the game require quick reflexes where the analog thumbsticks must be pushed in the direction shown onscreen. As the analog thumbstick cues are flashed, one follows them in order to avoid phantom creatures and beat Tyler during an exercise session. Occasionally, the cues flash so subtly that it's easy to miss them, which is especially the case during the office phantom creature evasion.

UPC: 742725265479

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