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Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W

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Price: $63.90
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Item Number: RVL-P-SKMJ
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Jan/UPC Code: 4582224493074
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 3, 2009
«©NCSX» TV Asahi debuted the new Kamen Rider W (Double) television series in Japan earlier this year and viewers have been watching the adventures of a new spandex-wearing superhero who wears a helmet that was inspired by a bug. He's the green-suited bruiser shown on the cover of the new Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W with his snazzy duo-tone costume and big red eyes.

Climax Heroes W features 14 Kamen Rider fighters from the Heisei Era which began with Kuuga from 1999 and includes Agito, Ryuki, Hibiki, Kiva, and more. Similar to the PS2 version of Climax Heroes, fighters can use conventional punches and kicks but standard four-hit chain combos are also possible along with alter-ego combo chains. Game modes include "Survival Mode" and "Battle Mode" along with a "Gallery" mode which contains 3D models of the Riders and a collection of finishing moves which last a few seconds each. The Wii conversion of the game features Nunchuk + Remote control where the Nunchuk moves the Rider around and the buttons and D-pad on the Remote launch attacks and dash moves. In one of our "Survival Mode" games this morning, we chose Hibiki and put him through the paces against a number of challengers. Hibiki is beloved in our offices because he breathes purple haze and smacks opponents with a pair of batons.

Product Specifications
JAN Code: 4582224493074
Japanese Product Name: 仮面ライダー クライマックスヒーローズW
Compatibility: Nintendo Wii (Japan-Only)
Format: DVD-ROM Disc (Single-Layer)
Publisher: Bandai
Language: Japanese

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Region Lockout
   Please note Japanese Wii games will not boot on USA or European Wii consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese Wii game discs. A Freeloader (and a Wii with 3.2U firmware) is required to play Japanese Wii games.

   This document is ©NCSX 2009. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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Kamen Rider Climax Heroes
Price: $63.90
Kamen Rider Climax Heroes
Brightly colored superheroes who wear helmets crafted to look like bugs are known as Kamen Riders in Japan.

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