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Last Hope: Pink Bullets

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Price: $50.90
This item is currently sold out and unavailable
Item Number: DC-301J
Publisher: NG:DEVTEAM
From the Publisher 
  Given the high demand of Last Hope for Dreamcast, there's going to be a self-published reprint very soon. This reprint however is not just a plain reprint, its rather going to be an improved version of the game.
    With this edition the games on screen visibility is much higher then before on Dreamcast, comparable to Last Hopes in game visibility for NEO·GEO CD. That's mainly thanks to pink bullets that make it easier to differ between explosions and shrapnels while shooting up enemies. Also the color scheme of the stages are now altered to improve both visibility and giving the game a different look. Additionally, Last Hope Pink Bullets features instant restart spawn during one credit. However using a credit takes you to the latest checkpoint of the stage. You have a total of 6 credits. The player is now equipped with both permanent speedup and protection pod. We are sure, this makes the game a less hard and more accessible gaming experience.
    The game comes with DVD casing and enhanced 12 page manual. We are also considering a stand alone soundtrack of this game.

NCS Compatibility Alert
The Last Hope: Pink Bullets game is region-free and will boot on USA, JPN, and EUR Dreamcast consoles. Please note however that since the game is "homebrew" and uses a security exploit to boot on a DC console - it is CD-Rom based and will not play on Dreamcast consoles that have the MIL-CD function disabled by Sega. These consoles were released towards the autumn of 2000 and were designed to combat piracy which had, at that time, overtaken the console and quite possibly quickened the demise of the DC.

If your Dreamcast was manufactured on or after October 2000, there's a good likelihood that it is a "MIL CD not usable" console. If that's the case, Last Hope will not boot on your Dreamcast. 

Publisher: NG:DEV.TEAM
Compatibility: Dreamcast (Region-Free)
Language: English


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