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Macross M3 [DC/JPN]

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Price: $119.98
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT
Item Number: T-21501M
Publisher: Shogakukan
Jan/UPC Code: 4997153901123
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: February 22, 2001
«©NCSX» The loving couple of Maximillian Jenius and Millia Falina Jenius (the unstoppable ace Valkyrie handlers) collaborate in this new Macross shooting game for the Dreamcast. They are joined by Moaramia Falina, a young purple-haired Meltlandi girl who completes the M3 team and contributes to the game's namesake.

Reviewed by Dreamcast Magazine in last week's issue, Macross M3 received an average score of 6.66 out of 10. The score ranks the game above previous 32-bit Macross games on the Playstation. A bevy of Valkyrie models may be driven by the heroes including the VF-1 which was the original variable fighter that remains in service but was eventually replaced by the VF-4 Lightning III - the VF-4 offers more maneuverability and speed. In addition to the standard GU-11 gun pods found in the VF-1, the VF-4 is bulked up with twin-beam cannons. The VF-3000, is based on the VF-1J, a limited production model in the Macross universe. This model is meant for use in planetary engagements where it dominates in combat but still offers the performance level of the VF-4 in space-faring environments. Other variable fighters in the game include the VF-9, the VF-14, and the F-5000.

   Valkyrie pilots get to maneuver some great gear, and the latest Macross game is no exception. Battling in both planetary and edge-of-space scenarios, the Jenius duo of Max and Millia are joined by a new Zentraedi girl named Moaramia whom the couple has adopted. Upon starting the game, players choose from a variety of mechs and plug-ins that affect speed, and maneuverability and generally enhance mech capability and flight control. Similar to other Macross games, players may toggle between fighter to gerwalk to robot and the transition is seamless as your mech hatches from one form to the other. Missles and staccato vulcan-fire also erupt in fine form, with vapor trails for the missiles and illuminated sparks for the vulcan blasts.

NCS Game Notes

» Upon starting the game, the mode selections are:
Game Start: Play a new game or load one in progress from VMU
Free Mission: Select a stage from the various episodes
Configuration: Set controls, toggle vibration, adjust sound volumes
Internet: Go online or use password

» In Episode #01, the year is A.D. 2014 and Moaramia Falina and her adopted father Maximillian appear onscreen and have a short conversation at home. They're summoned to HQ where they're given a mission briefing which leads to the first mission.

» The dialogue in the game is accompanied by speech.

Jan Code: 4997153901123

Japanese Title: マクロスM3

   This document is ©NCSX 2001, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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