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Meitantei Conan Tsuioku no Gensou

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MSRP: $65.00
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Item Number: RVL-P-RCOJ
Publisher: MMV
Jan/UPC Code: 4988110022869
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: May 17, 2007
«©NCSX» After being poisoned by a member of a criminal cabal, a 17-year old amateur sleuth named Shinichi Kudo resists death but reverts into a 6-year old version of himself. Despite his miniature body, Shinichi's mind is as sharp as ever and he adopts a new identity and name. Now known as Conan Edogawa, the baby-faced detective helps another gumshoe named Kogoro Mori solve cases while learning more about the criminals that poisoned him.

The Wii Meitantei Conan game features a new story where Kogoro Mori and his daughter Ran Mori take five kids to the opening of a new amusement park. One of the five kids is Conan and the other four are Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida, and Ai Haibara. Upon arriving, the group is greeted and treated graciously by their hosts. After the introductions are made and supporting characters are introduced, Conan and friends visit an arcade which is filled with UFO catcher machines, arcade games, and three games that Conan can play to his heart's content.

To control Conan, players use the D-Pad on the Wii Remote but the motion function of the remote is also used to point a cursor at characters and objects to inspect them further. Conan also keeps a logbook of clues that he's uncovered for reference and introspection. Clues may also be chained together once there are enough of them to deduce rational conclusions that can solve a mystery.

Region Incompatibility
Please note that Japanese Wii games cannot be played on USA Wii consoles due to the region lockout implemented by Nintendo.

Jan Code: 4988110022869

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NCS Game Notes
» Intro - a multi-level auditorium of some sort appears and the camera spins around to focus on a crystal statue in the center of the arena. Action scenes of Conan running, a dark figure who walks around, more inside shots of the auditorium and the crystal statue play. The various cast of characters also appear in muted sequences. The black figure stands in front of the crystal statue and Conan walks into the scene and stands behind him. The figure turns around with white eyes blazing. They stand facing each other for a few seconds before Conan releases a soccer ball from his utility belt and kicks it forward. The screen fades and the title screen pops into view.

» Press A + B on the Wii Remote and the following selections appear

NEW GAME / Begin a new adventure
OPTIONS / Set message speed, sound volumes for BGM, SE, and VOICES, and restore defaults

» Start a NEW GAME and it's night time outside a tower. Inside, three black figures are assembled and speaking in deep voices - they are designated and differentiated by the letters A, B, and C. Other than that, they look identical to each other and are non-descript. They are members of the criminal cabal that poisoned Conan. The scene shifts to a white car running outside as its engine rumbles - the license plate is 88-88. A crash may be heard and the scene shifts to four escalators inside a venue. The scene changes again to take in 5 kids and 2 adults who are on one of the escalators and talking amongst themselves. They've been invited to the grand opening of a new amusement park and the kids are excited at what they'll experience in the hours ahead. Kogoro Mori wears a purple suit and takes a more dour view of the occasion but that's just him. Although Conan looks like a little kid, he is actually an 17 year old who's been shrunken into his present form by way of a poison administered to him by one of the black figures. There's also a girl named Ai Haibara in the group who created the poison that was used on Conan. She took the poison as well but instead of dying, she reverted into a young girl.

» The group arrives at the hotel and are greeted by a chipper little girl in pink who squeaks out, "Arigato!" and Ran Mori greets her in turn followed by the chorus of kids. Kogoro acts like a pompous buffoon but that's just him. They descend the stairs to the fountain and are greeted by a brunette in a maid's outfit who welcomes them further. After an introduction, she takes them into a dining room with beautifully decorated tables and guests dressed to the nines. The control is handed over to the player at this point. Use the d-pad on the Wii Remote to move Conan around and interact with the other guests as well as the hired help by walking up to them and pressing the "A" button on the Wii Remote.

» After talking to all of the people milling around, walk back to the waitress/maid and speak to her. After the interaction, Conan will be able to move a magnifying glass icon around the room to examine the other people further for details. The magnifier is controlled by waving the Wii Remote around to highlight a character in the room. The emcee in the red monkey suit is suitably brutish to be a suspect all by himself. After examining everyone, the emcee gets up on stage and starts the event.

» Shortly after the emcee begins the event, the hosts get on stage and welcome the guests to the grand opening of the amusement park. On the floor, the woman in the yellow outfit and the guy in the olive suit get into an argument and she tears away from him and walks away. Conan is observing the fracas and his friends walk up to him to get their conversation on. The woman in the yellow outfit is later found dead and Conan has a murder mystery to solve.

» In the next scene, Conan is in an arcade filled with UFO Catcher machines, Coffee Life beverage dispensers, and arcade games. The kids are playing games and Kogoro is engrossed in what looks like a casino game. Ran is looking at a UFO Catcher machine filled with boxed toys figures. The bleeps and bloops of video gaming may be heard underneath the constant ditty that plays during the course of the game. To enjoy a special "Whack a Mole" mini-game in the arcade, walk to the left of where Kogoro is playing and stand in front of the machine. Press A and a short tutorial auto-plays. Press A again and four blue-colored pipes appear on the N, S, E, and W sides of the screen. As brown moles appear from out of the pipes, you'll have to swish the red hammer on screen with the Wii Remote by swinging it to the left, to the right, to the north and to the south. It's sort of tricky at first due to the way that the Wii Remote must be swung to register a hit but you'll soon by hitting rodents like a pro. Our record was 41 moles for a score of 8200. The mole that appears from the top pipe is particularly vexing to smack.

» If you walk up to the entrance to the arcade and check out the machine to the left, you'll be able to play a mini-game called "AGUNI" where you fire bullets at armored soldiers who appear in a war-wracked battlefield. To shoot, press the B button and to reload your gun, swish the Wii Remote to the left or right to fill up the chambers again. Your gun can only carry 8 bullets at any one time. Your health status is tracked with a human figure located on the lower left corner of the screen. If your parts are healthy, they're colored a golden hue. If a part is hurt, it'll blank out to black. By using deft maneuvering of the Wii Remote and eagle-eyed precision, you'll be able to dispatch the soldiers as they appear on the battlefield. The soldiers counterattack with gunfire but you can shoot down their bullets. Things get tougher when four bullets are flying at you from four different directions. The other thing to keep in mind is that you can only damage the enemy soldiers after they've finished running and their HP bars appear over their heads. Once they're in place, you can start shooting to make sure your bullets will do some damage. The difficulty ramps up considerably after a few waves of attackers.

» To the right of the entrance (if you're facing the doors) is third playable arcade game where you control a blue suited hero who faces off against a purple sword carrying opponent or a monster with a right tentacle that looks like a mushroom with a humanoid body. As it is about to attack, swish to Wii Remote to the left or right when the arrow cues appear to avoid its blow. To attack, press and hold the B button and push the Wii Remote forward into the screen to level a punch. During this game, you'll only score if you defeat the opponent. Your punches won't add anything to your score. There's also a punch power gauge on the lower right corner of the screen. If it's filled, your punches will do more damage. Mushroom Man is easier to defeat than the purple-suited guy

» To save your game at any time, press the "1" button and then select the first option on the upper-left portion of the screen. Next, select a save slot and store your progress to memory.

» Sadly, none of the UFO Catcher machines in the arcade can be played.

» To ride on Conan's skateboard, press the "+" button when his skateboard icon is highlighted on the lower-right corner of the screen. Use the d-pad to maneuver him around.

This document is ©NCSX 2007, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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