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Merge Marginal [DC/JPN]

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Price: $58.98
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST
Item Number: T-46514M
Publisher: Princess Soft
Jan/UPC Code: 4560101361142
NCS Product Synopsis
Update July 17, 2003
«©NCSX» When the protagonist in Merge Marginal loses both parents in a tragic accident, grandpa's home is opened to him. When gramps himself passes on, he leaves the mansion to the player who must maintain the estate with a staff of six girls (Merge Feuerbach, Ameria Phosrylase, Erika Brown, Fin Tonnies, Phoneme Tonnies-daughter of Fin, and Konoha Minashiro). Perhaps one will find happiness with one of the girls and escape the specter of death that has trailed him since the outset of the game.
   From the piano ditty to the theme song that plays during the intro to Merge, one gets the impression that Marginal is a highly polished affair. The introduction names the girls in the game and shows a few of them seemingly casting magic spells - or at least one of them is doing something with a pentagram.

   Upon hitting the Start button, four options are immediately available:
  • Start
  • Load
  • Option
  • Omake

   Interested in what the Omake section had to offer, we started on that first to see:

  • Gallery
  • Concert Hall
  • Memories
  • Return

   Visiting the gallery resulted in frustration as all of the portraits sounded out a disapproving chime when we tried to check them out. Some gaming was required before we would be able to view any of the artwork. We did notice that 19 pages are in the gallery with each page containing 8 portraits. In the Concert Hall section, 25 songs available for listening but 7 more may be unlocked as you make your way through the game. The Memories section appears to hold 375 key moments in the game but of course, we hadn't started the game yet and the spaces were blank. 

   After having our fill of exploring, NCS started the game. Arriving at the gates of grandpa's manse, a lovely maid named Fin Tonnies introduced herself and our character buried himself into her bosom in an overly friendly embrace. The game interface consists of a VCR-like mini-menu where conversations may be fast-forwarded or simply played in normal speed. Button "A" scrolls text normally while "B" flips through the story at hyperspeed. Pressing "Y" brings up the Save/Load/Option menu and pushing up on the D-pad scrolls through the history of text for review and/or research. After Fin opens up the gates to the mansion (to a lot of creaking and shrieking metal), the player meets Merge Feuerbach and the fiery tempered Phoneme Tonnies who lays the smackdown in the early moments of our first meeting...

JAN Code: 4560101361142
Japan Title: マージ

This document is ©NCSX 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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