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Metal Slug 7 [NDS/JPN]

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Price: $48.90
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Item Number: NTR-P-YM7J
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Jan/UPC Code: 4964808700103

Update: July 17, 2008
«©NCSX» Most games released this year won't see a sequel. The same thing happened last year and the year before that. The marketplace is fickle and it won't suffer fools more than once. With the hit rate so low year after year, it's always heartwarming when a game reaches its seventh stride with no signs of letting up.

   Meet Metal Slug 7 which is the latest release in a series that originally debuted in 1996. Six army grunts are featured in the game including Slug stalwarts such as Marco, Fio, and Eri. Similar to the previous MS releases, the soldiers run from left to right across seven horizontally scrolling battlefield stages and shoot, jump, and lob bombs at enemy forces. The end of each level is blocked by a boss which is generally challenging. In the NDS game, the top screen shows the platform action while the touch screen features a map of the stage. 

   The Metal Slug formula has worked for over a decade and MS7 follows the template to a tee. A combat instructor named Cynthia works in the Combat School where various missions teach the basics of the game. A Ranking Mode allows the best players to upload their scores and pit their records against a global pool of Metal Slug players.

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

Japanese NDS games may be played on North American and European NDS handhelds. There is no region-coding on Nintendo DS game cards.

NCS Game Notes
» The Game Modes are:

MAIN MISSION - The main game in Easy, Normal, or Hard modes
COMBAT SCHOOL - Tackle assorted missions and learn MS7 mechanics
RANKING - Check out your standing against other MS7 gamers
PRISONER LIST - View the prisoners you've rescued
OPTION - Toggle auto-fire and adjust BGM/SE volume levels

» Selectable soldiers in the game are Ralf, Marco, Eri, Tarma, Fio, and Clark. They differ in the weaponry that they carry.

» Start the game and you're rolling from left to right, shooting everything that moves since everything that moves is pretty much an enemy. There's also hostages who are freed from their bonds by your gunshots but once freed, they're impervious to the bullets that you fire. Prisoners will leave behind power-ups and bonuses that are beneficial.

» The game is mostly in English with English menus and speech for a relatively import friendly experience.

» The first stage is straightforward but there are some interesting sights. After parachuting into the battlefield, three enemy soldiers are seemingly laughing at a prisoner. Walk further onwards and you'll see a soldier kicking a gun to make it fire. If your hero should catch a bullet, enemy soldiers will stand around and laugh. The first end-level boss is a segmented motorized contraption that's sort of like a mechanical annelid. When your lasers or rockets hit its outer shell, bits of it will flake off and shatter. The goal is to break up its outer shell so that a kill shot may be made.

» The second level takes place in a mine where lifts are used to go deeper into the underground areas. When a lift goes down and enemy soldiers who happen to be underneath the lift will be crushed. In one section of the mine, little mine-cars will dump liquid concrete and bombs from above while soldiers scurry around. There's one area where an invincible sphere with a skull design in the center will start rolling from left to right. You'll have to go down on the little lifts but how to do that? Walk up to the handle on each lift and get close enough so that pressing the "Y" button turns the crank instead of shooting. Keep on doing that for each lift and you'll escape the crushing power of the sphere. The end-level boss for the second stage is a robot with wavy arms, a laser-emitting eye, and a yen for launching missiles at your hapless onscreen grunt.

» The blood spurts out thick and red whenever bullets puncture enemy soldiers. Check out what the shotgun does to enemy soldiers. The word, "Ragu" comes to mind.

» Normal bullets can't harm an enemy soldier who's carrying a shield. However, if you mosey on close and slash him with your pocket knife, he'll lose his shield and his life.

» The "Hard" difficulty level is fairly tough, especially if you're only armed with the standard weaponry that each soldier is outfitted with. More powerful weapons are the great equalizers in the game. The limited supply of bombs also makes it tough to destroy certain obstacles once you run out of explosive devices and only have normal buckshot to shoot.

» Destroying enemies will cause them to drop coins. Picking up coins will engender a multiplier effect if they're picked up sequentially one after the other. Picking up the first coin earns you 10 points and the next coin garners 20 points. Afterwards, the multiplier continues to double so that it's 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, and so on and so forth. The maximum score per coin is 6400 which may be achieved in the second part of the first level in the cavern area and in other areas where bunches of coins erupt from busted up enemy soldiers and machinery. There's a couple of spots in level 2 where lots of coins can be picked up for big earnings if you're aiming for the top spot on the Metal Slug 7 online scoring leaderboard. If done properly, you'll be able to gather up hundreds of thousands of points on an extended coin run.

» Every prisoner you save during a level will earn you 10,000 points at the tally-up that happens at the end of each stage.

» On the second stage, there's occasionally a little chick that walks around. The chick follows you and eventually grows into a chicken which then lays an egg. If you touch the chicken, you'll earn 500 points and the egg will garner 10 points.

   This document and photos are ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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