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Micro VS System - Donkey Kong Hockey

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Price: $55.90
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Item Number: HK-303
Publisher: Nintendo
Jan/UPC Code: 035051003038

NCS Sale of the Day: May 20, 2008
Nintendo's Micro VS System line-up was released in Japan around the same time as the Game & Watch handhelds. In the case of today's Donkey Hong Hockey game, Nintendo shipped the product in November of 1984 or an impressive 24 years ago. Both Micro VS and Game & Watch form-factors featured simple LCD graphics, simple game play, and a simple design that's innocuous, understated, and rounded.

Game Play and Functions
   In Donkey Hong Hockey, players control Mario and attempt to score goals against Donkey Kong while the big ape attempts to score against Mario. Two players may also play the game against each other by selecting the Game B option. Whomever is the first to score 10 goals wins the match. In addition to the Hockey action, the Micro VS System also includes a clock function as well as an alarm function. 

Product Specs and Utility
» System measurements are: 16 x 8cm (6.29 x 3.14") in area
» Two wired controllers are attached to the main body of the system
» Controllers use a retractable cord which measures 48cm or 18.89" in length

» System is powered by LR44 1.5V alkaline batteries (2 units are included)
» Note that SR44 batteries may also be used to power the Micro VS System

» To pause a 1-P game, press the "Hit" button on Controller #2

Text and Notes From the Game Manual (Verbatim)
» Donkey Kong and Mario are playing hockey!! The object is to score goals against the opponent. Look out for the referee and "Crazy Spots" that make playing Donkey Kong Hockey a wild game!!
» Referee - To prevent slow play a referee will occasionally appear. The ball will bounce off the referee. 
» "Crazy" Spots - If the ball passes through these spots, it will speed up and change course
» Ball - The ball will bounce and change course upon hitting a side line, referee or stick. "Crazy" spots will cause the ball to speed up and change course.
» Game A is a one-player game, you vs. computer.
» Operate Mario with Controller 1 (right). Donkey Kong is computer controlled.
» When game "A" key is pressed, the max. straight winning record is displayed. When released, the game starts.
» One point is scored for each goal.
» The first to score ten points wins the game.
» A new game will begin if Mario wins.
» Game is over if Donkey Kong wins.
» Game B is a two-player game. Operate Mario with Controller 1 (right) and Donkey Kong with Controller 2 (left). The first player to score ten points wins.
» A skilled player will possess good timing as well as a knowledge of "Crazy" spots and their effects on the ball.
» A one-player game (Game A) can be paused by pressing HIT-button on Controller 2 (left).
» The Pause is released automatically after about four minutes. To release earlier, press HIT- button on controller 1 (right)
» All mode keys (Game A, Game B, TIME, ALARM, and ACL) can be operated during a game. With these pressed, a game is terminated automatically. If no keys are pressed within four minutes during a game, the TIME mode is reset automatically (except during Pause in Game A).
» To remove controllers from the main body, hold controllers and pull out the cords slowly.

» To play a game with the main body closed, insert cords into holes located at both ends of main body.
» To rewind cords, turn the reel slowly in the direction of the arrow (clockwise), and wind the cords up to the red marks. If cords are too tight, carefully pull out and wind again.
» Store the controllers in the upper housing (display screen side), then carefully close main body.

» Important: Improper handling of controller cords may cause damage.

Sale Offering
   NCS' remaining inventory of the Micro VS System
is new, factory packaged, and in mint condition. The version that we have in stock was originally shipped to the Hong Kong and European markets and the instruction manual is entirely in English. Pricing is set at US$55.90 per unit. Larger Photos

Product SKU: HK-303 / Jan Code: 035051003038 / View the NCS 2008 Sale Gallery

   This document and photos are ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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