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Miracle Banzou 7 Tsu no Hoshi no Kaizokuno

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Price: $39.00
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Item Number: AGB-P-B3IJ
Publisher: Atlus
Jan/UPC Code: 4984995900025
NCS Game Synopsis
Update: November 3, 2005
«©NCSX» A space-faring panda bear in a red UFO is travelling through the cosmos and addressing the crew of the ship which includes a rabbit, a robot, and an old cat with a handle-bar-like mustache. As they clown through space, the first planet appears - a green world where a vertical shooter opens up. In order to gain passage into the planet, players must successfully navigate through the shooter.
Maneuver the red UFO which is stationed on the bottom of the screen and shoot twin-bubble shots at asteroids, aliens, and assorted detritus that stream in with straight-forward precision. The "B" button shoots down oncoming attackers. A shield meter on the upper left corner keeps track of barrier integrity while a shot level meter bumps up the shot power as pickups are collected from destroyed enemies.

The end-level boss for the first stage is a robot and two mean-spirited frogs. The robot pilots a big tin can while the frogs provide side suppport in their capsules. Concentrate your fire on the robot's main ship and he'll soon explode and the trio will duck away. The red UFO is then seen gliding into to the planet where they land on a tree-covered world. Disembark and the panda is trailed by a floating gold colored robot. Soon thereafter, panda and friend are engaged in a side scrolling platform game where the "A" button jumps to collect apples that are scattered across the level and the "B" button shoots bubbles at native creatures. The goal is to go into a dungeon and retrieve a green colored jewel that's mounted on a pedestal with a bird marking on it. Once the jewel is retrieved, you're deposited back outside near the ship. Next, go over to the left side of the screen and open the blockade with the same bird marking on it. It'll drop down and panda may rush forward for another platform action jump-shooting game.

NCS Game Notes
» To activate a shield in the platform game, press down on the d-pad. To pass thickets of grass, press the R-trigger and the robot will slash out a flaming tool which burns the grass away. Earlier in the level, a fire power-up may be picked up and added to the panda's arsenal. To withdraw the fire, press L-trigger.

» After finding the green jewel in the second dungeon area, you're deposited outside again and two more areas must be conquered before the planet is dominated. Additional power-ups such as a spring to enable a double jump and other abilities may be picked up and used to help the panda in the later levels.

» All of the dungeon themes are the same and consist of climbing a ladder and then jumping over a rift before reaching the jewel.

» After each level, a slot machine game opens up for bonus points or 1-ups.

Product Specifications
Japanese Title: みらくる!ぱんぞう 七つの星の宇宙海賊- アクション -
Compatibility: Gameboy Advance (Region-Free)
Format: Game Card
Language: Japanese
Product SKU: AGB-P-B3IJ
JAN Code: 4984995900025

This document is ©NCSX 2005. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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