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Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX3

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Price: $69.90
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Item Number: RVL-P-RNEJ
Publisher: Takara Tomy
Jan/UPC Code: 4904810322962
Update: November 28, 2008
 «©NCSX» The spiky-blonde ninja named Naruto wreaks havoc once again in a fighting game which follows the 2D conventions of previous Naruto EX games. The Akatsuki criminal organization hangs in the background once again where the group's powerful members provide adversity and lofty challenges to Naruto and friends.

   Similar to Naruto GNT EX2, the new Wii Naruto game is a 2D fighting game that uses 3D backgrounds to provide depth. Although the combatants battle on a 2D plane, they can perform sidestepping evasive maneuvers to avoid oncoming attacks.
Players control the action through a combination of the Nunchuk and the Wii Remote where the analog thumbstick moves the hero and the D-Pad on the Remote is pressed down to perform attacks.

   There's also a Story Mode where Naruto and cohorts run around a 3D maze and battle crowds of henchmen as well as the members of the Akatsuki. The Story Mode starts off with Naruto and Sai but upon completing the first maze, Tenten and Rock Lee kick off the next maze. A Tutorial Mode teaches beginners basic commands and moves.


Region Lock-out

Please note Japanese Wii games will not boot on USA or European Wii consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese Wii game discs. A Freeloader (and a Wii with 3.2U firmware) is required to play Japanese Wii games.

» Eighting developed the game for Takara Tomy.
» Sakura serves as the emcee in the Mode Selection screen and announces the mode once highlighted.
» Players who need a little primer on the controls can view a tutorial where Naruto learns gameplay from Kakashi. If you're not fluent in Japanese, simply follow the arrow and button commands shown on screen. You'll learn how to double jump, dash, backflip, block, and sidestep projectile attacks by pressing the "Z" button.
» At the outset of the game, 19 characters are playable but another 16 characters may be unlocked for a total of 35 heroes. Playable characters in the Versus Mode are as follows:
First Row: Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Sakura
Second Row: Aburame Shino, Rock Lee, Tenten, Hyuuga Neji, Akimichi Chouji
Third Row: Kiba and his pooch Akamaru
Fourth Row: All locked
Fifth Row: Temari
Sixth Row: Gaara, Kankuro
Seventh Row: Deidara, Hoshigaki Kisame, Uchiha Itachi, Sasori, Akasuna
» The game features 24 stages to fight on.
» The controls are as follows:

Nunchuk analog: Movement
Nunchuk Z button: sidestep
Wii Remote B button: sidestep
Wii Remote A button: projectile attack
Wii Remote D-pad: Push down to attack and push right to special-attack

» A jukebox in the Gallery Mode may be accessed to listen to the different BGM featured in the game as well as various character sayings that were sampled by the producers. Naruto himself has 130 sayings and TenTen has 122 snippets of speech. All of the other characters also possess between 60 to 100+ different sayings.
» In the STORY MODE, players initially control Naruto who teams up with a COM-controlled Sai and the two blaze through a forst beating down legions of enemy henchmen in scrolling 3D action. A map on the upper right corner of the screen shows the location of the duo by way of a blue arrow. To view the goal point which is indicated by a pulsating red blob, press the "+" button to check out the convoluted maze that has to be navigated. Since the henchmen are neverending, you'll basically have to attack a few of them and run for the goal. The second maze features a number of crates which hold explosives so you're better off avoiding them. To recover Naruto's health, some of the henchmen will drop bowls of noodles when they're defeated which boost Naruto's HP. When Naruto reaches the goal in the second maze, he'll find Deidara waiting for him and a battle ensures. Deidara attacks with explosive spiders and rides his bird for special attacks. Upon defeating Deidara, players get to control Tenten who teams up with Rock Lee. Tenten wields a spear which casts a wide arc of destruction on any henchmen that may be trying to push up on her.
» If Naruto is defeated in the Story Mode, the end ends immediately and he's kicked
back to the main menu. Once in the main menu however, players can choose to restart the adventure at the last maze that he/she was in. 

   This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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