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Nights into Dreams

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Price: $39.00
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Item Number: SLPM-66926
Publisher: Sega
Jan/UPC Code: 4974365832025

Update: February 21, 2008
«©NCSX» When Nights into Dreams
was released on the Saturn back in 1996, it was a special time. Sega's 32-bit console was still in contention against the Playstation juggernaut and there was a sense of excitement that more games like Nights would be heading our way. Fast forward 12 years later and the Saturn is a footnote but we had a wonderful time while it lasted with games such as Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes, and Panzer Dragoon. Since then, Sega has abandoned the hardware business and gone into publishing on other consoles. Playstation consoles.

The PS2 version of Nights into Dreamscould have been a Sega Ages 2500 release but the size of the final product must have prompted Sega to release the game under its own recognizance and stature. All SA2500 games have been mastered on CD but Nights is a DVD. What do you get for the admission fee of US$39 you ask? Well, you get the original version of Saturn Nightsin all of its rough-pixel glory and an upgraded version of Nightswhich has been polished and cleaned nicely. That's not all - there's also a Gallery section which contains over 100 pieces of artwork/photos and a Movie Theater mode for viewing cinemas from the game.

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

NCS Game Notes
» Press START on the title screen and the MODE Select menu pops up. The available selections are:

Brand New Dream / Play the new rendition of Nights into Dreams
Sega Saturn Dream / Relive the classic Saturn version of Nights
????? / Secret option which must be unlocked before its accessible
Gallery / View 18 categories of artwork and product photos (12 are already unlocked but 6 are hidden)
Movie Theater / Watch 12 cinemas and short animated sequences from the game (3 are unlocked but 9 are hidden)
Option / Sound Test, Audio (Stereo/Mono), TV Screen (Normal/Wide), Night Maren, Save/Load Data

» The Gallery contains over 100 pieces of artwork and product photos, game notes, etc. At the outset, you're able to view 99 images but six locked categories contain another bunch of images that are waiting to be unlocked. There's a subset of images in the Gallery that checks out three sets of Nights plush toys from yesteryear and the cover of the original soundtrack. The L-Analog thumbstick is used to move around the photo while the R-Analog zooms in for a closer look.

» Chooose Brand New Dream from the MODE Select and you'll be able to play the game as Claris or Elliot. If you choose Claris, she'll appear in "Spring Valley ~the Ideal~" where she starts off atop a green grassy ledge. If you play the game as Elliot, he starts off in "Splash Garden ~the Affection~." When playing as either character, you'll have to walk forward into the pedestal area where the Nights persona is waiting and merge with it to become the flying jester. Movement is handled through the L-Analog pad and either the "O" or "X" button may be pressed to perform a forward thrust. Pressing the trigger buttons will send the jester twirling through the air

» The Saturn version is a conversion of the the actual Saturn version of Nights with rough-hewn graphics when compared to the more polished visuals of the PS2 update. The two games both play well however and Saturn fans will get to relive one of the classics from the 32-bit heyday. The quality of the Saturn port gives us hope for an eventual port of Radiant Silvergun on the PS2.

» Despite the 3D look and feel of Nights, it is very much a 2D game where movement is side scrolling despite the seeming appearance of depth on the different stages. You're relegated to moving left and right even though there is the illusion of 3D motion because of the screen rotation and pivoting movement during the fast-paced action.

» When your game is over "Night Over" appears on the screen along with a Hint which may help improve your performance.

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.


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