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Pandora's Tower Limited Edition [Wii/EUR]

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MSRP: $89.90
Price: $78.90
You Save: $11.00 (12 %)
This item is currently sold out and unavailable
Item Number: RVL-P-SX3P
Publisher: Nintendo
Jan/UPC Code: 045496401573
Shipments of Pandora's Tower LE [Europe] are expect on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. NOTE: A Freeloader boot disc (and a Wii with 3.2U firmware) is required to play European Wii games.

From the Publisher
   Pandora's Tower blends RPG elements with action-packed gameplay as you take on the role of Aeron, an Athosian soldier facing a deeply personal and emotionally charged mission. With your friend, Elena, bound to a grave fate that is causing her to mutate into a demonic abomination, you'll feel the pressure of time and the rush of accomplishment as you take up the fight to eradicate the spreading evil that has gripped her. To add to the drama of this melancholic and unconventional adventure, it is only by consuming the remains of monsters Aeron has slain that the cruel curse binding Elena can be reversed.

   The world of Pandora's Tower features 13 gruelling environments to tackle, each one based within a tower structure, and each one home to grim monsters whose flesh takes on a macabre significance in the game's engrossing plotline.

    Using his sword and the magical Oraclos Chain, Aeron must defeat the creatures that lurk in the tower and harvest their meat to feed to Elena. Only by eating all of the "master flesh", harvested from the largest monsters within each tower, will Elena be fully cured of the curse and free from its monstrous grip.

   As you progress, the weight of Elena's predicament will spur you on, her physical appearance becoming more grotesque the longer it takes you to overcome each tower. Minutes matter as you race to bring her the remains of your foes, an onscreen indicator changing colour to warn you of how advanced the mutation is becoming in your absence. When you're with Elena, your interactions will determine the strength of your overall relationship, a bond which could vary dramatically and will result in the game coming to one of 5 alternate endings.

Pandora's Tower Limited Edition Includes:

  • Pandora's Tower game
  • SteelBook case
  • Artwork book

Product Features:

  • Epic action story in which the player must battle and defeat 13 demonic creatures in order to save his friend
  • Innovative use of Wii Remote motion sensors and pointer
  • 5 different endings, depending on the relationship the player can build between Aeron and Elena
  • Soundtrack composed of critically-acclaimed and much-loved classical music, including composers such as Verdi and Tchaikovsky
Region Lock-out
Please note Euoprean Wii games will not boot on USA or Japanese Wii consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on European Wii game discs. A Freeloader (and a Wii with 3.2U or 3.2J firmware) is required to play European Wii games if you own a USA or Japanese Wii console.

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