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Pikmin 2 Plush - Chappi Only

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Price: $138.90
Publisher: Sanei

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Product Update March 8, 2013 at 10:57AM
The Pikmin plushes were released and shipped earlier in the week from Japan and they are scheduled to arrive today but there's a snowstorm in NYC at the moment. We're not sure if the shipments will arrive on time due to the snow but if UPS is unable to deliver, we expect to receive the shipments on Monday. In the meantime, we will prepare shipping labels and invoices for a quick and efficient dispatch. Thanks for your attention.

NCS Product Update February 28, 2013
   Sanei has not released the new batch of Pikmin plushes yet but they are expected soon. We'll update our customers once we see the shipment dispatch from Tokyo. Thanks.

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: November 13, 2012
   Sanei has announced a new production of the Pikmin 2 plushes which will ship in February 2013. Please note however that the 'Olimar' and 'Louie' plushes are not being produced in the new batch. Orders are welcome to ship in late February or early March 2013. If there are any delays, we'll update our shop listing with more information. Thanks.

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: November 6, 2008
«©NCSX»  Nintendo released Pikmin 2 on the Gamecube over 4 years ago but it doesn't matter. The lovable Pikmin, Chappi, and Captain Olimar (don't forget his buddy Louie) still live in the hearts of fans the world over. How does NCS know this? Because we still get inquiries for Pikmin products every day. Every. Day. Sanei probably gets 100x the inquiries that we do and maybe that's why they're re-releasing the Pikmin 2 plushes this autumn. We'll follow their lead and start accepting preorders today.

Please note that there's a total of 8 different Pikmin plushes on offer as follows (from the left to the right and curling upwards:

Yellow Pikmin
Red Pikmin
Purple Pikmin
Blue Pikmin
White Pikmin
Captain Olimar
The Louie and Olimar plushes measure 8" tall while the Chappi plush measures 10" tall and 10" in length. Each of the Pikmin plushes measure between 10" and 11" in height from their feet to the top of their flower/bud/leaf.

Pricing for the Pikmin plushes vary slightly as listed on the dropdown menu. 

   This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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