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Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Toki no Tankentai

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Price: $55.90
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: NTR-P-YFTJ
Publisher: Nintendo
Jan/UPC Code: 4902370516203

NCS Game Synopsis & Spoilers
Original Update: Sept 14, 2007
«©NCS» Amidst hazy colors and a little touch-pen interaction, a lad is transformed and transported to the world of Pokemon where action and adventure awaits. At the outset of the game, players are asked to choose a Pokemon friend from seven types including Torchic, Mudkip, Naetoru, and Pochama. After a short naming ceremony, the game opens up with the protagonist lying on a beach. The Pokemon that you chose at the outset of the game eventually finds you on the beach and a new friendship is soon forged. Together, the two Pokemon venture deep into dungeons where treasure is plundered and monsters are vanquished by way of simple touch screen tapping action. By accepting different missions handed out by a guild, the ultimate goal is to return to the human world.  

Sale Offer
NCS' remaining inventory of Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon for the Japanese Nintendo DS is brand new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Price: $28.90 per copy.

Original Date of Release in Japan: September 14, 2007
Product SKU: NTR-P-YFTJ / JAN Code:
4902370516203 / NCS Sale of the Day Archive

NCS Game Notes
» At the outset of the game when the green haze appears on the touch screen, you're supposed to tap on the screen and then hold the pen there until the next prompt appears.

Next, a Pokemon selection screen appears. Depending on how you answered the questions at the outset, the following may appear in the Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Toki no Tankentai version:

Kimori (USA: Treecko)
Achamo (USA: Torchic)
Naetoru (USA: Turtwig)
Hikozaru (USA: Chimchar)
Fushigidane (USA: Bulbasaur)
Hitokage (USA: Charmander)
Pikachu (USA: Pikachu)

After choosing a Pokemon, a name entry screen pops up. You can keep the Pokemon's given name or change it to something else in hiragana, katakana, or English.

The Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Yamii no Tankentai characters at the outset depend on how you answered the questions in the introduction but we got:

Waninoko (USA: Totodile)
Kimori (USA: Treecko)
Achamo (USA: Torchic)
Mizugorou (USA: Mudkip)
Naetoru (USA: Turtwig)
Hikozaru (USA: Chimchar)
Pochama (USA: Piplup)

» After the name entry, the game introduction begins with the sound of wind and rain in the background against a black backdrop. The occasional peal of thunder may be heard from time to time.

» The next day, the storm is over and the sun shines on a serene ocean scene and the surf may be heard in the background. The camera opens up on a beach where a violet-colored Pokemon named Eneko has washed up ashore. The screen goes to black and the Pokemon that you chose earlier is standing in front of an altar while two bonfires on either side of it flicker. In our case, we chose Mudkip in the beginning and it'll run around shortly before settling down. A flat-topped rock marked with a strange looking sigil is chanced upon. After a short while, Mudkip scampers off down the stairs and two airborne monsters float over the area where he was just scampering. One of them looks like a bat and another is a spherical creature with bumps.

» The scene shifts back to the beach where two crabs are blowing bubbles. Mudkip scampers in and the bubbles waft through the sky as the sun is about to set. Mudkip continues walking to the left and finds Eneko who washed up earlier. Mudkip runs over and Eneko wakes up and the two have a conversation while the waves continue crashing in the background. You will be able to give Eneko a new name and we called it "Busta" since "Buster" wouldn't fit in the five-space-name-entry line. After the naming ceremony, the two aerial Pokemon from earlier appear and knock Mudkip down from behind. There's a mild confrontation before the two evil Pokemon fly off to the left side of the screen. Soon afterwards, Mudkip and Busta also run off to the left.

» In the next scene, both Mudkip and Busta are inside a dungeon (B1F) facing off against three monsters. Tap on a monster to attack it in a turn-based battle system. After a few hits, all three monsters are defeated and the two Pokemon in your party can be controlled directly with the d-pad. They'll also move if you tap on a point on the touch screen and they'll dutifully head on over.

» When traveling around inside the dungeon, a map outline of the local area is superimposed on the touch screen to show your current location. Busta does the attacking and Mudkip stands in the background providing backup offensives, support, and healing services to make sure Busta stays alive.

» To attack an enemy monster, tap on it on the touch screen or face it and press the "A" button.

» Pokemon Dungeon is a standard exploration game in the vein of Rogue which features two Pokemon in the party at the outset but additional party members may join the crew later on. Each monster in the party can attack as long as it is contiguous to the enemy. On the fifth level of the first dungeon, the party will find the two evil Pokemon from earlier flapping in front of a underground lagoon. An encounter starts but the two evil Pokemon are easy to defeat. They give up the flat-topped rock with sigil on top and fly off in a hurry. Mudkip grabs the rock and the next scene shows Busta and Mudkip on the beach again where Busta was originally found.

» The game features over 490 types of Pokemon to interact with and engage. The Wi-fi function allows far-away friends to participate in your game if called upon.  

   This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.





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