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Prinny: Ore ga Shujinkou de Iinsuka? - Best

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Price: $26.90
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Item Number: ULJS-00245
Publisher: Nippon Ichi
Jan/UPC Code: 495506001711
NCS Product Synopsis:
Originally Updated on November 21, 2008

For too long, the Prinnies have labored under the yoke of their mistress Etna. One Prinny has had enough and ventures out on his own. Well, not really on his own - he's actually under orders from Etna to seek out stolen sweets and pastries that have been absconded by some dastardly rascal. Still, being independent for a little while is better than being at the beck and call of a demanding taskmaster like Etna.

   The Prinny protagonist in Atlus' upcoming PSP side-scrolling platform game can jump, slash, twist, dash, and toss bombs to overcome adversity. For those times when a little something extra is needed, the Prinny may also hop onto armored vehicles armed with frightful artillery-firing armaments. It's almost like Metal Slug except the grunt is a sword-wielding penguin and the enemies are primarily whimsical creatures with an edge.

   The first stage introduces the play mechanics were the Prinny moves from left to right and slashes at relatively tame enemy creatures. The Prinny can perform a double-jump to scale platforms and also fire off a crescent-shaped projectile attack while in mid-air. When Prinny is firmly on the ground however, he can only perform a sword slash. To avoid attacks and to pass through obstacles, Prinny twirls himself like a ballerina. To watch this in action, look out for the demon statue on the second level. If Prinny tries to waddle past it, he'll be destroyed. Only spinning will allow him safe passage.
Japanese PSP games may be played on North American and European PSP handhelds. There is no region-coding on PSP game UMDs. 

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