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Ragnarok Online USB Cup Warmer Set

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Price: $30.90
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Publisher: System Service

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Update: December 11, 2007
«©NCSX» When engrossed in a late night session of Ragnarok Online, caffeine really isn't needed to keep a player awake. The excitement of slaying Poring and exploring the game world is enough to keep the Sandman away. However, if you're the type who enjoys a warm caffeinated beverage for that extra buzz, System Service is at your... service. Plug the cup warmer into an available USB port and then dock the included Poring-faced 10cm cup on top of it. The cup warmer keeps the beverage in the cup nice and warm with no muss nor fuss. Also useful if you fancy a warm cup of milk or maybe a creamy mug of Ovaltine.

Please note that the heating element located inside the cup warmer gets hot so please don't treat it like a toy even though it looks like one. A computer's USB port sends out about 5V of electricity which the Ragnarok Online cup warmer efficiently converts into heat energy. While the cup warmer won't replace your hot plate, we found that it gets hot enough to melt a pat of butter that we placed inside a little dish and it will definitely keep a cup of cocoa warm.

An on/off switch located on the side of the cup warmer will allow you to toggle the heating element on and off when in use or not in use. Take note that the switch doesn't light up when turned to the "ON" position.

Two versions of the Poring Cup are available - One which features a big Poring on the front and a second version which features seven miniature Poring with various facial expressions (The second version is shown in the gallery linked below).

   This document is ©NCSX 2007. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.


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