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Sacred Blaze 2: Fallen Angel

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Price: $78.90
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Item Number: BLJS-10071
Publisher: Spike
Jan/UPC Code: 4940261509842
From the Publisher
Update: December 8, 2009
 T-Energy has been flowing through Ancaria since time itself. This mysterious power forms the beginning of all life, is the source of all magic and the origin of all thought. For an era, it was the angelic Seraphim who watched over the T Energy and therefore over the fate of the entire world. They passed their knowledge on to the High Elves, so that they could benefit from T Energy. But the High Elves let the power over T Energy tear their society apart, and war and strife broke out. Worse than that, the T Energy itself went out of control, turning negative and creating destructive evil in the land.

   The nobility as well as the clerical caste of the High Elves struggled to seize power over the high-elvish imperium, so that they alone might hold the T Power in their rule. The land once more faced with war; a war that was much larger with more far reaching consequences than all previous wars and battles. Two thousand years before Shaddar, the cry for heroes arises to avert this war and to regain control over the T Energy. Will those heroes prevent the world from lapsing into final chaos, or will they instead deepen it with their actions?
  Product Specifications
 Product SKU: BLJS-10071
  Jan Code: 4940261509842
  Publisher: Spike
  Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
  Language: Japanese
  Format: Blu-Ray Disc (Single-Layer)
  Japanese Product Name:

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