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Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari

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Price: $68.90
Restock in 1-2 weeks
Item Number: ULJM-05860
Publisher: Epoch
Jan/UPC Code: 4580320630010
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 29, 2011
«©NCSX» Prior to developing and soon publishing The Last Promised Story, imageepoch's job was solely a developer of games such as Luminous Arc, 7th Dragon and Last Ranker. They're taking control of their game publishing however instead of assigning the task to another company and the ie's debut title is a Japanese RPG.

   Once upon a time, magic permeated the kingdom of Yggdra and made it into a utopia but the rise of the machines in the kingdom of
Savi Chantierhas threatened Yggdra's very existence. The machines have mounted an aggressive campaign to wipe the mages and magic of Yggdra off the map. War is serious business but enter a lad named "Wolf" who is leader of the Messiah Knights who're on a mission to battle the machines and bring Yggdra back from the brink. That mission is their last promise to the people of Yggdra. Why are they called the "Messiah Knights?" Because the ruler of Yggdra is named "Messiah."

   The battle system in Last Promised is turn-based with strategic elements thrown into the mix to make things more interesting than rote and mindless button pushing.
Product Specifications
Publisher: Imageepoch
Compatibility: Playstation Portable (Region-Free)
Language: Japanese
Format: Universal-Media Disc (Single-Layer)
Japanese Title: 最後の約束の物語
Website: 最後の約束の物語 公式サイト
Product SKU: ULJM-05860
Jan Code: 4580320630010
Famitsu Ranking: (9/8/9/7)
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