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Shooting Watch

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Price: $78.90
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Item Number: MH070205
Publisher: Hudson
Jan/UPC Code: 4988607070205
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 19, 2008

«©NCSX» How quickly can you tap two buttons repetitively within a 10 second time span? Some game fiends can rev their fingers up to 16 hits per second for a tap-total of 160 slaps in 10 seconds. The gaming elite can do 21 hits per second. Fear them. Then there are the otherworldly champions who rotate the Shooting Watch into a vertical aspect and then proceed to pound out a total of 300 to 500 shots in 10 seconds. No typo. Are they even human? Can they possibly be cyborgs from the future with deft fingers of chiseled titanium? No one knows and NCS is too scared to ask.

   Over 20 years ago, Hudson gave gamers a chance to measure their button-tapping proficiency with the Shooting Watch but that was a while ago. The Shooting Watch hasn't been readily available in years but that changes now. A new production was manufactured in Japan this month and delivered to NCS yesterday.

   The Shooting Watch is a useful little mechanism when it's time to test one's finger velocity (for whatever reason) in addition to honing one's finger reflexes. In NCS' opinion, the Shooting Watch can be used to relieve a few minutes of boredom when you're waiting for the bus or as a way to make money. Here's how:

The NCS Shooting Watch Revenue Model
   Stand in front of the local bodega and challenge anyone who approaches to a Shooting Watch tap-off. Whoever taps the most (hopefully that would be you because you've had training) wins and when the challenger loses, they must pay $1 into the "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE" Pizza Fund. Since NCS came up with this game, 20% royalties must be donated to the NCS Pizza Fund.

   All Preorders have shipped already and new orders are welcome. Note: The Shooting Watch may also be used as a clock and a stopwatch when you're not fixing your button-tapping addiction.

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   This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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Advice for button mashers
Basher (Sugarland,TX) 8/11/2010 11:08 PM
First off, if you want to achieve a high score, you have to lay the Shooting Watch flat on top of a table. You cannot achieve a score of 300+ by holding the SW in your hands. Maybe some people can do it but I can't. Next, use four fingers on one hand to tap the buttons. Let me explain. You know how to play a piano right? You have to use multiple fingers and the way I do it is I freaking slide my four fingers across the buttons over and over again like I was playing a piano. My top score is 353 but I've seen guys on Youtube go up to 499 and another guy went up to 500 before the timer counted down. So it is possible but you have to use at least four fingers to do it.
Great for anybody interested in being good at shoot 'em ups or button mashing!
Michael (USA) 2/25/2010 11:57 PM
The Shooting Watch is a pretty cool device. Its original purpose was to help kids train their button mashing skills for games that required heavy button mashing for shoot 'em ups like Star Soldier. After a few rounds of frantic button mashing and it does get addictive after a while. The great thing is that you can play it pretty much anywhere at any time since each game lasts only 10 seconds. I'm a big fan of retro shooters that require rapid button mashing and the Shooting Watch really helps improve my gaming skills.
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