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Space Invaders Headphones

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Publisher: Taito

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NCS Product Update - Dec 22, 2008
«©NCSX» Taito loves Space Invaders. The game debuted in 1978 and the company has been minting ducats off the back of the franchise for thirty years. The latest product in Taito's ongoing Space Invaders 30th Anniversary celebration is a pair of old school headphones. Nothing clever or revolutionary. Just standard headphones. The kind you plop on top of your head to listen to Bowie, Broadus, or Black.

   Two styles are on offer - black
circumaural headphones with a single white-pixel Invader and the original logo imprinted on each phone or a pair of pink headphones decorated with the Space Invaders logo and two miniature Invaders on the top and bottom of the text. We're partial to the black headphones but that's just us. The design of the headphones is one of easy adjustability so that the phones swivel freely just like the Koss UR 20
headphones that we use from time to time. An adjustable headband allows users to lengthen the distance between the phones and the band.

   The sound quality that the phones deliver is acceptable but we're keeping our pairs of headphones solely as curiosity items for future generations to ponder. Maybe in 2108, they'll look at NCS' archive of products and marvel at the interesting times we lived in. Preorders have mostly shipped as of last Friday and new orders are welcome to ship today.

View the NCS Photo Gallery for the SI Headphones (on the main NCSX.COM site).

   This document is ©NCSX 2006, 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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