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Star Ocean 2nd Evolution - Ultimate Hits

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Price: $35.90
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Item Number: ULJM-05591
Publisher: Square Enix
Jan/UPC Code: 498860106309
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 3, 2008
«©NCSX» Ensign Claude Kenny (aka Crawd C. Kenny) is investigating an aberrant energy field on the planet Milocinia when his impatient nature causes him to be teleported to the planet Expel. Once there, he meets a native Expellian named Rena Lanford who mistakes him for a legendary hero and asks for his aid in saving the planet. Three months ago, a meteorite now known as the "Sorcery Globe" smashed into Expel and loosed strange creatures into the world. Claude and Rena team up to squash the monsters and bring peace back into the world. Along the way, the duo meets up with supporters who'll help them on their quest.

Star Ocean: The Second Story was originally released on the Playstation in the summer of 1998. For the 10th Anniversary of the game, Square Enix updates the adventure and dubs it Star Ocean 2nd Evolution because it's...evolved. The PSP remake features character redesigns, new characters, updated cinemas, and detailed facial expressions for the various heroes in the game. When a character speaks, a superimposed image of the character appear on the screen to accompany the dialogue. Depending on the emotional state of the character, his or her facial expression will change to reflect happiness, sadness, or inner turmoil.

Japanese Product Name: スターオーシャン2セカンドエヴォリューション [アルティメットヒッツ]

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

NCS Game Notes
» The game features a new and lengthy intro that features the main characters from the game in action sequences.

» The title screen features two selections - NEW GAME and LOAD GAME but two more selected are shaded and not selectable yet.

» Either the d-pad or analog nub may be used to control the main character.

» Start a NEW GAME and you may choose to play as Crawd C. Kenny or Rena Lanford. After choosing either character, you'll be given the option of renaming or keeping his/her name. A meteorite falls onto the planet "Expel" and causes a massive impact blast. The camera pull back into space followed by the SOSE logo. A narrator provides the prologue details as a space battle is shown on screen followed by information on the battle between a team of warriors and an overlord.

» In the opening scene, Crawd Kenny and a group are on a barren planet. Peals of thunder and flashes of lightning illuminate the mottled rock and craggy textures on the ground. The group walks forward and stop in front of a wall with a gateway. As the group mills around, Crawd walks over to a pedestal of stone. He gets the attention of his crew members and after a bit of fiddling from an another ensign, the gate opens with a swooshing sound. The group enters and explores the cavern within. Crawd walks ahead against the protestations of his father and a cinema plays where he is encapsulated within a purplish ball of lightning which then diminishes in size until it disappears.

» In the next scene, Crawd finds himself in a forest and tries his communicator which doesn't work. He walks around and eventually encounters a blue-haired girl named Rena Langford who's being tailed by a simian creature. Crawd steps in to attack the creature but his conventional attacks don't do any harm to it. Only his laser blaster will do so press the "L-Trigger" and a blinding shot will lance the beast. Fire another shot to finish it off. Crawd befriends Rena and the two head for her home.

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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