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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 4

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Price: $68.90
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Item Number: SLPM-66785
Publisher: Jaleco
Jan/UPC Code: 4907859112365

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: October 11, 2007

«©NCSX» It's been nearly a decade since the last Suchie Pai release but the girls are back for another engaging mahjong stint. The redhead named Suchie Pai S and her trademark Hissatsu Suchie Stick serves as the hostess for the game where she'll twirl, sparkle, and look fetching as the mahjong action plays out. She's on your side and will do her best to make sure the game goes your way - even going so far as destroying an opponent's winning tile to give the player another chance. De-facto artist of the Suchie Pai series Kenichi Sonoda also returns with a bevy of new illustrations and outfits for the girls to wear.

The setting of Suchie-Pai 4 is Akihabara in Tokyo and the mahjong action takes place in seven eateries located around town. There's the posh Cafe Gentry, the casual coffee shop dubbed You & Me, and the utilitarian Hell & Heaven where the MJ-playing girls work and perfect their craft. At the outset, Suchie Pai S engages the player in a practice mahjong session before the action commences. In our trial game this morning, the first opponent that appeared was Reiko with a stash of 25,000. After throwing out a few useless tiles, we spotted a good one and then another one to complete our hand and win the first game in 2 minutes flat...
Bonus Schwag
The first printing of Suchie-Pai 4 includes a bonus drama CD that is packaged inside the DVD case along with the game software.

Jan Code: 4907859112365

NCS Game Notes
» The introductory cinema for Suchie-Pai 4 features a new-type rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song and depicts the various gals in fast-cut sequences against checkered patterns, Cafe Gentry and other eateries.

» Press START and a Suchie-Yuki in a weird dress welcomes the player into the world of Suchie Pai 4. The following selections pop up on an inset window on the right side of the screen:

1) New Game
2) Load Game
3) Option
4) ??? (needs to be unlocked)
5) ??? (needs to be unlocked)
6) ??? (needs to be unlocked)

» When playing the first game against Suchie Pai and her bright green eyes, she just sort of stands there like a plank of wood, hands on her hips, as she waits for you to make a move. Once you throw out a tile, she swat the tile to the side, make her own move and wait for your next move again. When she inevitably wins, she'll perform a special move and exult for herself. Audibly.

» All of the written dialogue in the game is accompanied by voice acting.

» The girls featured in the game are as follows:

Mari - A pink haired cat-girl (well, we think she's feline because of her cat ears) who wears glasses along with a pair of orange-colored cat slippers.
Kaoru - She looks like a princess who's just exited from a castle and is on her way to slay ogres. Kaoru carries a sword strapped to her waist.
Remi & Sarichin - Blonde girl in a purple dress with angel wings and red eyes. Her little friend is a little purple imp named Sarichin.
Sakurako - The very vision of the dark-haired village girl next door.
Miyuri & Miruku - A fan-favorite returns with bunny ears and multi-colored ribbons on her white stockings. Her pet rabbit is named Miruku.
Suchie-Yuki - Another fan favorite returns to the world of Suchie-Pai Mahjong and she's dressed in a blue/white fairy tale maid's outfit.
Reiko - There are no words to describe the ensemble she's wearing but Reiko nevertheless looks reasonably presentable.

» When playing, you'll visit the girls at the restaurants they work in and play mahjong right there as music resonates in the background. When you win, the girl will look exasperated as Suchie-Pai counts down your winnings in the background. In our first game against Reiko, we won 24,000 credits from her bankroll of 25,000. After each match, you'll be able to engage in a Concentration type game on a 6 x 4 grid where you'll flip over squares in 1x1 increments in an attempt to find matching bonuses. The greater your winnings in the mahjong session, the more chances you'll have to flip over squares to look for loot.

» In the second round against Reiko, she won 1400 credits back but the third round sealed her fate where we won 12000 credits against her 2400 in remaining funds which left her shaking her hands and with a deficit of 9600. After beating Reiko, it was off to the restaurant named "YOU & ME" where Suchie-Yuki earns her keep. Reiko tagged along with Suchie-Pai and the three of them had a conversation before Reiko was forced into a red bikini and laid out against a white backdrop for a photography session. Gamers can view her partially clothed body by moving the L-Analog around and adjust the focus for sharper detail. She'll make uncomfortable noises as she's being exploited. To take a snapshot, press the R1 trigger once to focus and again to take the shot. The L2 and R2 triggers are used to focus in and out of the subject.

» After the voyeuristic episode, you'll be able to save your progress to memory card. The next opponent is Miyuri and her talking pet rabbit named Miruku. Miyuri starts with a bankroll of 30000 but she's embarrassingly easy to beat. For her photo shoot, she wears black stockings and a dark blue school uniform. If you focus the camera on her legs, her feet may be seen wiggling around. Like true piggies. The next opponent after Miyuri is Remi and Sarichin.

» Suchie Pai is the perfect hostess. She's bubbly, talks a lot, and keeps everything moving along without a hitch. When a mahjong game is going against you, she can even fly up into the screen and destroy the tile that your opponent threw out that would have made her a winner. You then have a second chance to redeem your hand and attempt to win.

» Consensus: Another enjoyable Suchie-Pai game that'll appeal to fans of the franchise. For old hands to the series, think of the game as a reunion with Suchie-Pai, Miyuri, and Suchie-Yuki. The new girls are adorable and the mahjong action is somewhat challenging.

Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.
This document is ©NCSX 2007. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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