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Super Dragon Ball Z

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Price: $65.00
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: SLPS-25642
Publisher: Bandai
Jan/UPC Code: 4582224491063
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 28, 2006

«©NCSX» Six months after Banpresto shipped Chou DBZ in Namco 256 kit-form for arcade operators to reap profits, parent company Bandai takes away those coin-op profits with a spiffy home conversion on the PS2.
Super Saiyan are on the loose once again in a brisk 3D cel-shaded fighting game where two combatants bout on the ground and in the air. The control scheme uses four buttons - two for attacks and the other two which trigger guard and jump. By using a mish-mash of joystick thwacking and button slapping, players guide Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Trunks, and 14 other fighters in a fast-paced action game that's set in close quarters.

Whereas other DBZ games have allowed for wide range soaring freedom of movement and run 'n gun tactics, Chou DBZ reins in the size of the arenas so that fighters can battle toe-to-toe and fire projectile attacks at close range. There are well defined perimeters for each stage which limits the distance that a combatant can fly/escape to. Before a match starts, the fighters pose and vogue for the camera before the smashing commences. When attacks connect, Japanese characters appear over the target's body to give an idea of the damage being inflicted.

This item is also known as Chou Dragon Ball Z.

JAN Code: 4582224491063
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

NCS Game Notes
» In the intro to the game, a stream of light glimmers downwards followed by the Chou DBZ logo. Goku sits meditating followed by the other characters flying, posing, performing moves, and firing off blasts at empty air. Afterwards, the DBZ heroes are shown in quick sequences where their special powers are on display with fiery eruptions looming about them. The Chou DBZ logo appears again accompanied by an elderly sounding voice who mutters, "Supa Dragonballo Zed-toh."

» After hitting START, the game mode selection screens appear as eight panels of a manga. Shuffle around and you'll discover options such as STORY MODE and VERSUS MODE.

» In the OPTIONS selection screen, players may set the following:

Controller button configuration
Center screen or adjust screen position
Adjust BGM, Voice, and Sound Effect volumes
Adjust the position of the top/bottom screen indicators
Load and save data to and from memory card
View ranking of top fighters
Set starting health bar, etc.

» At the outset of the game, only 13 characters are playable. The other 5 must be unlocked.

» In June of 2004, producers Noritaka Funamizu (Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Power Stone, Monster Hunter, etc) and Katsuhiro Sudo (Street Fighter Alpha 3, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon, etc) left Capcom and formed a new house called Craft and Meister a few months later. They developed Chou Dragon Ball Z for Banpresto and their Street Fighter roots are apparent. Owing to the development team's influences, Goku has a "dragon punch-esque" move where he punches up and his body arcs like Ryu's or Ken's except he doesn't yell out "Shoryouken." He does wail a lot when fighting however... Executed properly, the punch has potential to connect multiple times for a stuttering effect. Shooting fireball bursts are also prevalent... The familiar semi-circle motions on the d-pad from Street Fighter are used to pull of the various special attacks in the game.

» There is no ring-out in Chou DBZ although some of the stages would make ringing-out a natural system feature. If Vegeta's beating up on Goku like a champ near the edge of a cliff, there's no way to sock him over the edge and into oblivion for a quick knockout.

» A first attack bonus is granted for whomever draws first blood. Attack chains are also counted on the screen directly below the fighter's portrait.

» Additional NCS Game Notes will be updated shortly.

This document is ©NCSX 2006, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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