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Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou

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Price: $69.90
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Item Number: RVL-P-RHHJ
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Jan/UPC Code: 4997766200811
NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» What do you get when you mix Suzumiya Haruhi with Idol Master? Conjure up images of dancing girls backed up by ear-piercing J-Pop and you have the general idea behind both games. In the case of the new Suzumiya title, it's one to three girls on impromptu stages with choreographed moves that's strangely mesmerizing. Once you begin watching, you can't take your eyes off the theatrics. Sort of like watching a car accident or a drunken bum fight in the middle of some metropolitan nowhere.

The dancers are Yuki Nagato, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Mikuru Asahina and their moves are basically syncopated together with Suzumiya or another girl serving as the lead superstar. To succeed in the game, players watch the cue area on the bottom of the screen and wave the Wii Remote at the right time to control Haruhi so she dances in time to the music.
A Free Mode in the game allows gamers to choose the music, the high school background where the girls dance, and the costumes that they wear. A Gallery Mode features character models of the girls along with animations that you can select to watch them perform moves.

Region Lock-out

Please note Japanese Wii games will not boot on USA or European Wii consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese Wii game discs. A Freeloader (and a Wii with 3.2U firmware) is required to play Japanese Wii games.
NCS Game Notes & Spoilers
» The title screen is a wider version of the game cover where Haruhi points a Wii Remote at the screen. If you leave it alone, you'll be able to watch short sequences of Haruhi and her girls dancing different routines. We sat through three routines just to see what we were in for this morning. The third demo is seemingly a dramatic dance with slow, deliberate movements.

» Press "A" on the title screen and the following selections appear:

NEW GAME - Star a new game where Haruhi is in the basketball court at school
GALLERY - View Ranking and Character Models (against a blue screen). The other options are locked.
TUTORIAL - Learn the game by watching six lessons that are all emceed and voiced by Kyon.
OPTION - Adjust BGM and SE volume levels

Two other selections on the MODE SELECT menu are not selectable at the outset of the game.

» In NEW GAME, the first dance features Mikuru Asahina in a poofy pink maid's outfit where she dances by herself. At the beginning, she sort of spazzes out and makes strange noises but she soon gets into gear as a fluid dancer. Hit the cues properly to keep her dancing but we found that even if you miss most of the cues, she still completes the dance with three bars of life gauge left. You'll just fail however with a "D" letter grade and have to replay the stage in order to pass to the next stage.

» When dancing the girls mouth the words to the song that's playing.

» Watching three girls dance in perfect syncopation is mesmerizing. Don't ask why. It just is. As mentioned earlier, you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen.

» The game cues that scroll on the bottom of the screen are made up of girl silhouettes with one of her arms pointed in a certain direction. As the silhouette streams from right to left, wait until it reaches the first outline of a girl before waving the Wii once and then wave it again when it reaches the second outline of the girl to register a hit. The registering of the cues is fairly strict so you have to be on point to succeed. Some cues require that you press the "A" or "B" button or both at the same time that the Wii Remote is waved to register a cue. Still other cues require that the button be held for a length of time (as indicated by a blue streamer) in order to be registered as a complete hit. One other cue that's made of a zig-zaggy blue line requires that you wag the remote feverishly for the length of the cue to register as a hit. It gets fairly challenging as the game ramps up the speed and mixes up the different cues. Missing cues will cause the life gauge on the top of the screen to drop.

» If you string cues together, a combo counter appears on the screen to keep track of your consecutive hits.

» Only the Wii Remote is required to play the game so you can disconnect the Nunchuk to make the movements easier on your hand/wrist/forearm/shoulder.

» The ranking of cues go from GREAT, GOOD, BAD, to MISS.

» The dialogue in the game is accompanied by speech

   This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.


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Play sucks
Aki (Japan) 1/23/2009 6:31 AM
I bought this game the day it was released. Forget about dancing with the girls, it just consists in pointing the Wii controler in the right direction at the right timing, keeping it vertical, even when pointing down... Wrists hurts !(I must be quite bad as after two days of playing I still can't obtain better than a B score on the easiest songs) Bonus games are even worse, without possibility to skip them, and do not add anything except the will to switch the damn game off. It is obvious the publishers have concentrated everything on the characters, and didn't develop a serious game interface.
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