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Tales of Rebirth

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Price: $53.90
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Item Number: ULJS-00132
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Jan/UPC Code: 4582224496723
Update: March 20, 2008
«©NCSX» In the land of Karegia, Humans and Beastmen live in harmony. As the story opens up, King Ladras Lindblum is lying on his royal bed when he turns to stare at the sun. In his mind's eye, it's a melting sun which reveals a planetoid underneath. Later that night, Ladras is using his inner Force when something goes awry and blows him backwards. Two handlers named Milhaust and Eugene witness the event and cry out for his majesty. Outside, the kingdom is under siege by scattered streams of Force that shatters windows, immolate some people and electrifies others. A speeding train is derailed and calamity is in the air. Inside the home of Veigue and Claire, the Force is also strong and Veigue finds his right arm under attack. As he writhes in pain, he sees something happen to Claire that makes him scream.

One year later, Veigue sits in a house full of ice shards and Claire is encased in a column of frost when two travelers enter...

Tales of Rebirth was originally released on the Playstation 2 in 2004 and Namco revives the game on the PSP. New features include:

» Illustration Gallery - Unlock and view artwork featured in the game.
» Exclusive event scenes that were created for the PSP port.
» Character voice chat system where heroes speak to each other and reveal information and back story that might not be obvious.

Bonus Schwag
All preorders will ship with a bonus Tales of Rebirth Dramatic DVD. Sadly, we no longer have the bonus for new orders placed today.

View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX website.

NCS Game Notes
» The opening cinema for the game introduces the characters such as Veigue Lungburg, Claire Bennett, and pet Zapie, Annie Barrs, Hilda Rhambling, Agarte Lindblom, Milhaust Selkirk, and others.

» The title screen features the following four selections

NEW GAME / Begin a new adventure
CONTINUE / Resume a saved-game from memory stick data
CUSTOM / Adjust message speed, set difficulty level, choose button configuration, etc
SOUND MODE / Listen to songs from the game - only the Tales of Rebirth A track is available, the others require unlocking

» Start a new game and an introductory cinema begins where the Gajuma King Ladras of the country of Karegia is lying in bed. He watches the sun melt away to reveal a planetary body underneath. He's later shown exerting his Force when soldiers appears behind him. Ladras' Force splits an orb and falls backwards as an energy field is unleashed which courses through the kingdom and wreaks major havoc. As it turns out, King Ladras unleashed his Force which has spread across the land. Humans normally aren't imbued with Force but some are now gifted with it also. Veigue Lungburg is one of the affected Huma. One Year Later...

» The birds are singing and Veigue is kneeling with his pet Zapie while Claire is encased in an ice column. The room is also filled with shards of hoarfrost. Outside, two travelers approach - its a beastman named Eugene and a young kid with red hair known as Mao. They ask Veigue to come with them but he resists. An encounter starts between Veigue and Mao but once you beat him, Mao explains what has happened to Veigue and they become congenial. Mao explains that Veigue has a power within him called "Force" which manifests as Ice. Turning his attention to Claire, Mao uses his fire Force on Claire and instructs Veigue to rush forward to crush the ice prison.

» Despite being encased for a year, Claire seems none the worse for wear when she steps down onto the floor. Claire steps outside to warm up in the rays of the sun and after a short conversation with Veigue, she tells him that she wants to return home to see her parents. She also invites the trio to visit her later and she'll prepare a meal for them.

» Claire leaves the trio behind. As they begin to walk, a Frost Crow swoops in and flaps for a little while in front of the crew who present arms. A battle begins where all three warriors attack the bird and a sinewy Blaze Boar. Eugene and Mao join Veigue's party afterwards and the next scene is at Claire's home where a hungry Mao can be seen eating heartily.

» The fighting sequences are side scrolling jump 'n attack exercises where magic, sparks, and illumination fills up the screen. The game engine keeps track of multiple hits. To block, press the SQUARE button and to bring up the Battle Menu (tactics, item, setup) push the TRIANGLE button. To attack, press the "O" button. There are three layers to move in the battlefield - the background, the midground, and the foreground. You can shuffle between them by pushing up or down on the D-pad in the direction desired.

» The dialogue in the game is accompanied by speech.

» Movement may be handled by the d-pad or the analog nub. Both work equally well in our opinion but the d-pad offers a more precise feel.

» Veigue starts with 714 HP and is at level 5

» Similar to previous entries in Namco's renowned franchise, mini-games such as fortune telling, river rafting, and a full blown action game where the player becomes a waiter. Run around an eatery and bring food and drink to patrons for tips.

This document is ©NCSX 2008. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.


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