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Unknown Soldier: Mokuba no Houkou

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Price: $46.90
Ships same-day (M-F) if ordered before 5PM EST
Item Number: NTR-P-CUMJ
Publisher: D3
Jan/UPC Code: 4527823995345
Update: October 3, 2008
D3 Publisher and Tamsoft have a history with the subject of World War II. They've already released a foot soldier game for the PS2 and the PSP in The Fuhyou but they're fleshing out the theme with a full-priced Nintendo DS game titled Unknown Soldier.
Players take on the role of a grunt who's immersed in a gray, overcast European city during the Second World War with a battalion of soldiers. There's no cooperative army action however - you're a lone gun who goes on missions, completes them, and then reunites with the battalion for new orders. Over 30 types of weapons may be recovered from dead enemy soldiers including machine guns and bazookas. The grunt may also commandeer tanks to destroy opposing armor on some stages.

Jan Code: 4527823995345

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NCS Game Notes
» The touch screen is used to aim the soldier's direction of movement as well as the gun sight in order to shoot at enemy soldiers on the battlefield. When moving the gun, watch the targeting reticule because it'll turn red when a soldier is in your sights. To fire the primary weapon, press the "L" trigger.


» To turn around quickly, press the "Y" and "A" button to swivel 90° in orientation. This feature is useful when you're being fired upon and need to locate the shooter quickly.

» The soldier can hide behind cars and walls to evade gunfire. When backed up against a wall, pressing the "L" button to fire will make the soldier turn and shoot at enemies in the distance.

» Head shots will kill an enemy soldier instantly. If your bullets hit the soldier's body, you'll need to shoot a few times before the grunt goes down.

» If the protagonist rambles close to an enemy soldier, he'll put down the gun and automatically take out a knife to perform a slash attack. Note that the enemy soldier will do the same.

» The game menus and option screens are entirely in English. The actual in-game text however is in Japanese.

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