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War of the Monsters

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MSRP: $63.00
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Item Number: SLPM-65412
Publisher: Capcom
Jan/UPC Code: 4976219954983
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: March 25, 2004

«©NCSX» When two gargantuans clash, there's bound to be fireworks. Eight mighty monsters and robots inspired by pop culture fight and thrash around in all-out rabble rousing fisticuffs. There's Congar, the mighty Joe Young look-alike, Togera the Godzilla reject, Preytor - the mantis who represents the insect kingdom, and a few others. Kineticlops is one of the stranger ones - it's basically an energy field in the shape of man with a big eye in its chest. Monsters may pummel each other up close or resort to projectile attacks and push off cheap moves and sniping runs. Background objects such as buildings are interactive and may be toppled and knocked down with abandon.

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Jan Code: 4976219954983
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

NCS Game Notes
* The intro to the game begins with an attack by UFOs and the creation of a secret new weapon by the humans to counter the invaders. The intro is done in retro style and looks very much like the old black & white monster movies from the 50s and 60s. The weapon is used to cause the UFOs to crash and it seems that the aliens have ben defeated. However, green slime pouring from the UFOs trickle into the sewers and mutate normal animals into monstrous beasts. It becomes a veritable War of the Monsters.

* Game modes include ADVENTURE / FREE-FOR-ALL / ENDURANCE. In the ADVENTURE mode, players select a monster from the following available creatures:

Preytor: Scientist mutates an innocent praying mantis and humanity suffers his foolishness.

Congar: Howling ape with massive strength and a hairy back.

Robo*117: Tin can robot with an hourglass figure. Sort of.

Agamo: Stone humanoid with a flaming torch on its head.

Ultra-V: Japanese inspired robot with nifty design.

Kineticlops: A big 'ol eye suspended in a violet-colored electrical field

* We chose Preytor and watched police cars being chased by Congar down a street. Tanks were no match for him as he blasted them away with hurricane breath. Congar scales a building and appears very much the KONG clone when two helicopters ensnare him with ropes. For a second, it appears that the big ape is a prisoner but he flexes both arms and forces both copters to crash into the side of the building. With humanity unable to contain the simian beast, Preytor enters the arena...

* Preytor attacks with its claws and may fire off green projectiles. Although it's an insect, it cannot climb the walls of buildings but pressing the "X" button will allow it to fly a bit as it flaps upwards to avoid a direct conflict or to find some strategic height advantage. The battle against Congar consists mainly of head-to-head pounding since Preytor's projectile attack doesn't do much damage to the big ape. In addition to constant pounding, Preytor may also hook Congar with its claws and then hurl the beast into a building. As the two monsters press the attack, buildings will crumble whenever one of the beasts is thrown against the foundation or general structure.

* When Preytor dies, it'll flip on its back and curl up its legs like an insect tends to do when death sets in.

* During a battle, hundreds of civilians are running on the streets and intermittent screams may be heard amidst the din and orchestral monster music. Buses and other vehicles also meander through the city as the two gargantuans are fighting.

* War of the Monsters is an entertaining monster fighting game with a good amount of variety. The game system would have been bolstered if it had some sort of move to counter a walloping attack dealt by an aggressive opponent. A blocking move is available by hitting the R2 trigger but the opposing monster can still pick up your monster when it is blocking and hurl it into a building. A counter or reversal would negate that. Another negative is that when playing a 1P game, the enemy's life bar is not shown so one has no idea how much damage it has sustained. Should I press the attack because my opponent is near death or hold back because my opponent is still as strong as an ox? No one knows because there's no life bar for my enemy...

This document is ©NCSX 2004, 2011. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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