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X-Edge Dash

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Price: $73.90
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Item Number: W3D-00001
Publisher: Compile Heart
Jan/UPC Code: 4988648682726
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: October 1, 2009
«©NCSX»Comic book crossovers are special because they're rare and (usually) once in a lifetime events. We're still waiting for Donald Duck Meets Spiderman and Doc Savage but maybe in our next lifetime. Video game crossovers are doubly special since they unite characters that would never otherwise be seen in the same gaming universe. X Edge (Cross Edge) is the result of a collaboration between five publishers - Capcom, Namco Bandai, Idea Factory, Gust, and Nippon Ichi. Characters from properties published by all five companies will be joined by original cast members designed for the game. Familiar faces from the gaming fold include Marie the Atelier, Morrigan, Demitri, and Felicia from Vampire, Etna and her Prinnies of Disgaea fame, and Aurica, Misha, and Shurelia from Ar Tonelico. The cast of Spectral Souls is also in attendance to round out the bustling crowd of characters.
Battles are viewed from a side perspective where the party stands to the right of the screen and faces off against enemies on the left. Moves are shown in fluid motion where the characters rush forward and swing their swords. Combination attacks and special moves are shown by way of blazing sequences where multiple hits are tracked and the amount of damage each hit incurs is counted. When Felicia fights, she'll perform rolling attacks and pounce on hapless enemies like a red-blooded feline.

X-Edge was originally released on the Playstation 3 in September 2008 and publisher Compile Heart showers the game on Japanese Xbox 360 owners this week. X-Edge Dash includes a new Colosseum Mode along with new in-game events, new character skills, and downloadable content from the Xbox Live network.

This game is also known as Cross Edge Dash
Product SKU: W3D-00001
EAN Code: 4988648682726
Japanese Product Name: クロスエッジ ダッシュ
Publisher: Compile Heart
Compatibility: Xbox 360 (Japan-Only)
Language: Japanese
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Xbox 360 games will not boot on USA or European Xbox 360 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese X360 game discs.

This document is ©NCSX 2009. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part of this document may be made without express written consent of National Console Support, Inc.

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