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Chou Jigen Game Neptune - CH Selection

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Price: $49.90
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Item Number: BLJM-60377
Publisher: Compile Heart
Jan/UPC Code: 4995857091614
NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 19, 2010

«©NCSX» Remember Sega Gaga on the Dreamcast? That game put players in the shoes of a Sega mercenary-employee and the goal was global domination of the video game industry. Sega's come a short way since those days and they're just a publisher now. A lowly publisher who has to scrabble daily for the favor of fickle gamers. Chou Jigen Game Neptune may be considered the sequel to Sega Gaga but since Sega doesn't have a relevant console anymore, they've retro-conjured one up for this game named the Neptune¹. Get it? Saturn. Neptune. Uranus. Fuggedaboutit.
   In a land known as Geimu-gyokai (Game-industry), the world is split into two divisions. Up on high is where the deities reside and way down below goes the devoted rabble. Four deities representing the consoles of today compete against each other for supremacy over the people and they are:
» Purple Heart aka Neptune - Goddess of Planetume (Sega Neptune)
» Green Heart aka Verd - Ruler of Rinnebox (Xbox 360)
» Black Heart aka Noir - Lady of Lasdition (Playstation 3)
» White Heart aka Blanc - Rani of Ruwii (Nintendo Wii)
   Since the goddesses sustain themselves with offerings from their lowly subjects, they're in constant conflict with each other for control over followers. In business parlance, followers mean market share and the goal for each goddess is to become the hostess with the most.
   However, there is another goddess in Geimu-gyokai who has the power to threaten all four "Hearts" because she's evil. Her named is "Majikonne" which sounds an awful lot like game copiers called the Majicom and the Super Magicom from back in the day. Nowadays, the term is used in Japan to refer to game piracy in general. In any case, Majikonne is a like a Pirate Queen and her theft of intellectual property could ruin the livelihoods of the four goddesess so Neptune and her helpers must rise up and slap Majikonne down. 
   The term "console wars" takes on a literal meaning in Chou Jigen Game: Neptune where the rival deities battle Neptune in turn-based 3D action.
¹ The Sega Neptune was a console which fused the Sega MegaDrive and the 32X add-on accessory into one compact console instead of the monstrosity that was the Sega MegaDrive with the 32X mounted on top which looked like a hot mess.
Product Specifications
Publisher: Sega | Compile Heart | Nippon Ichi | Idea Factory | Gust
Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
Format: Blu-Ray Disc (Single-Layer)
Territory/Language: Japanese
Japanese product title: 超次元ゲイムネプテューヌ CHセレクション
Product SKU: BLJM-60377
Jan Code: 4995857091614
Famitsu Ranking: (7/6/7/6)

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